30 Days Without Social Media

So, I am off social media for the next 30 days, that includes Facebook, Twitter, Texting, Pinterest and Blogging.  I will be blogging for myself as I do want to keep a journal of this 30 days I am embarking on.

I am not just getting rid of media, I am giving up wheat, refined sugar and dairy.  I am going to be eating extra healthy for the next 30 days which I also hope will invigorate me into exercising.  I am going out to buy my sneakers tomorrow so that I can really get into the exercise part of my life, walking more, using the stationary bike and also using the elliptical at work.

I had vices that I had to get control of and in the past couple of months I did get control over them.  It feels good but I want to keep it up, I don't want to fall back into old habits.  I want to deal with my pressures the way I should the healthy way.  I really feel like I am doing this cleanse to learn how to rely on myself.

I am starting my CPA course this month and I am taking the the next two, one after the other.  I want to be able to get my PCP for work, I know I can do this, I just have to buckle down and really work hard to attain this goal .  I am really hoping with this challenge that I will take the time to organize my life, read and just relax.

The biggest thing I have to deal with is not having contact with David, he is truly my rock, the person that centers me daily.  My life was spinning out of control when he came back into it and he stopped the spinning.  He made me laugh, smile and feel so good about myself... it is hard not to feel good when someone tells you that you are amazingly wonderful... often.  David was and is way more than I ever fantasized about over the years, he surpassed any dream I may have had about him.

I love how quirky he is and he totally gets how silly I am, everyone needs that someone special in their lives who get them, really gets them.  I am so going to miss him but he's right, I am strong.. I can handle this. Believe me, I can barely wait to talk to him when he is back on May 10th or the 11th... we already have the time booked that we will talk for a couple of hours.  We talked tonight for nearly two and a half hours, it was perfect, we laughed and acted crazy with each other.

So this is it for 30 days but I will be back with even a better version of me, I will take the time to learn what I need to so that I can be the best me.

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