My Turn Will Come

I went to church today and we had a speaker that resonated with me.  He wanted us to think about how we are appearing to each other and people around us.  When someone asks me how I am, I say "fabulous",  "fantastic", "wonderful"...etc...  Here is the thing, do I feel this way all the time, no but deep inside most times I really do.  I feel blessed, grateful, lucky to be where I am at in my life.

This doesn't mean everything is peachy keen... that would be unrealistic but the core of me is very, very happy.  We all have days where we are not ourselves, mine was Friday night.  Did I wallow in that?  No, I didn't.  Do I think this makes me better than other people?  No, I am weak in so many ways, I could not even count all the ways.

For me though, I want to be happy and uplifting, it takes less effort to be this way.   I don't want to just survive, I want to thrive.   I want to be an example of being happy and excited for life.  There is so much to offer the world when we are positive.  The more grateful and happy we are, the more we attract that back to ourselves.

For any person who thinks that it is too hard, it is only too hard because you are not willing to step outside your comfort zone.  Once you get out there and expand you emotions, you will see just how easy it is.  It is so worth it.

One thing I don't want to be again, is someone who says... poor me, look at how rough my life is, please take pity on me.  Seriously, I feel empathy for every human being but my life was not the least bit easier than other people I know.  I am not saying that you don't have the right to express how your life was not perfect.  Who's is ?   Mine was difficult but I refuse to be a victim of my past.  Being a victim of my past, leaves me in the past... I want to live in the present.

Could you imagine if we changed our way that we dealt with each other daily, where we smiled and said uplifting things to each other.  Can you see how this would change us, change the people we meet everyday.  I'm here to tell you that, sure some people think I am odd but I don't care, I refuse to be anything less then I am.  I will smile and laugh because the truth is that I am happy inside.

Outer pressures might penetrate the inner me at times but I don't let them live there.  When I know someone is hurting or using the people I love, I change that around and I pray for them, pray that they will see the good in the people I love and change their behavior.   Think about this, what good has EVER come from tearing another person down?  Has this really ever made you happy?  This behavior has never made me happy.

I realized that it was me who was unhappy inside and for a time I was selfish and thought why me?  Why can't I have whatever?  You know what I say now?  I say, I am really happy for the person who has what I want, I am grateful for them.  I don't envy them, my turn will come.  

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