Decisive Changes

I know that I have some really tough decisions to make in the near future.  I know they are going to be incredibly painful but I accept the choices I have to make will have to come one way or the other.  It will either have to be my choice or it will be made for me.  I am hoping that I am strong enough to make it myself.

It's sort of like that saying at church I've heard, we either humble ourselves which can be painful or Heavenly Father humbles us which is so much more difficult to deal with; either way, it happens.  This is totally my decision on how it comes to pass but only for a time, it will be taken out of my hands if I don't deal with this soon.

I have been one of those people that has always allowed other individuals to make my decisions, that way I could sort of blame the other person.  I can't do that anymore and be accountable to myself.  The truth is that however it all comes to pass, I can blame no one but me.  The question here is if I want to be in control of my own destiny? 

Am I strong enough to do what I need to do?  If I want to grow, I have to be.  I have to put my faith in Heavenly Father, He honestly knows what is best for me.   Maybe what I fear losing is only that a fear, maybe I need to deal with the fear and it will disappear with all the other fears I have dealt with in the past month.

I am more powerful than I knew, otherwise there is no way I could have handled all the difficult changes I have made in the past month.  This is going to be much harder than all of those put together.  David is right about me, I am strong, I can handle what life throws my way; I have proven it time and time again.

Sometimes we have to be willing to give up what is most important to us to have what we really need.  That's the hardest ones to deal with but it's part of life.  I have always been considered tenacious and persistent,  when I want something, I rarely give up... until I am forced to.  Or until I realize that it really wasn't worth it.

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