I Always Had The Power

I've been thinking about all the changes I have made in the last little while.  I remember believing as little as 6 months ago that it would be impossible to make all the changes I needed to make.  That was just because I didn't trust myself enough to know that I could alter my behavior and choices whenever I wanted to, all I had to do was accept that I am in control of me.

I just needed to have someone see the best in me, someone who wouldn't say that how I was acting was okay but someone who wouldn't judge me, just love me and understand that all I really needed was to be heard and loved.  You know what feels really good,  having no secrets anymore.  I have other peoples secrets and that is fine but I have finally let my best and closest friend see the real me and he still loves me.

It was exactly what I needed to alter my thoughts and realize that I was letting secrets keep me hostage.  Now I am free and so happy that I finally see that my past behavior doesn't define me but I do see where I allowed it go on much longer than it should have because I felt I had no choice. 

Now that I have allowed myself to realize that I am the only one that is in control of my life, it feels like a darkness has been lifted.  I have often wondered what my purpose was in this life, I think part of it is to show other people that they are in control of their lives and they can make the changes needed to have a better life, without judging them in any way.

I always had the power, it was inside me. 

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