Attracting Your Own Reflection

 You attract to yourself reflections of that which you are. If you're friendly then everybody else seems to be friendly too."

Dr. David Hawkins

I am a quote fanatic for the people who don't know me personally;). Anything that is uplifting, thought provoking and resonates with me, I collect, save and use. There is more than enough to drag us down in this world, I work hard to counter act the negative events in life.

I am the type of person who always tries to see the positive in even the difficult times, that is the only way I'm truly happy. Otherwise I could let the weight of the world drag me down but I don't just want to be a survivor; I want to thrive and be my best.

I'm so thankful for all the blogs I follow, each one of them uplift me in ways most of you won't understand. I love the poetry, fashion, quotes, photos and the real ones where people are so honest about themselves. I believe in being authentic, if you can't be happy in this moment I understand, I just want them to know there is always an alternative around the corner if they choose.

I love following the big blogs with lots of followers because I want to have many people follow mine but I also love following blogs with only a few followers and commenting on what people have said.

I LOVE comments, so I know other people do as well, all we really want in this life is to be seen, heard, loved and to know that our thoughts count and matter. Although I love the comments, I'm getting past needing validation from my peers, I'm a work in progress. I look for validation within myself, from God and from the Universe.

There will be people who don't get my blogs and that's okay, I don't judge them, we all have our right to feel as we do. I'm just incredibly grateful for all the people I follow and who follow me, I have learned so much about all the different cultures around the world; AMAZING!!!

I walked to the mall again and was about 2 minutes short of catching the early bus, woo hoo. In no time I will be able to catch that one. I'm just happy that I didn't jump on the convenient bus at my door, I went past it and walked, YEAH

I hope everyone has a fabulous day, I know I will !!! Keep blogging everyone:).


  1. Keep blogging your positivity. It is refreshing.


    1. Thank you Sophie, I give my best each and every day to be the best I can be. I love your blog, the poetry is so insightful;)

  2. Replies
    1. That is so incredibly sweet and kind of you to say, thank you:)

  3. Hello Launna:
    We have found you via Suzanne Bean and we are delighted to have arrived.

    You write with such refreshing honesty. It is so uplifting to hear that you 'seize the day' and make the most of whatever the day may bring. There is, as you say, a positive aspect to most things but one does have to make it a way of life to see it. Sadly, there are far too many who do not!

    Your blog posts are so very eclectic and interesting. We have signed ourselves as Followers and do so hope that we shall welcome you to our blog in the near future!

    1. Thank you for the kind and sweet words, I will certainly follow you as well. I love getting to know new people every day:)

  4. I totally get what you're feeling, the uplifting positivism of others is quite contagious, luckily. This is one of the reasons this blogging thing has got me so hooked.
    Congratulations for sticking up to your goals, I am sure you will fulfill your dreams!
    David is so lucky to have you as his soul mate :)

  5. Thank you Petro this was so very sweet of you to say:) I love, love, love uplifting blogs:)

  6. Hi Launna,

    Your positivity shines through in your posts. You're one of my most favorite bloggers. Great to know you.

    1. Awe Rhodora, you are making me blush... thank you :)


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