Fairy Tale Without The Ending

I took some time this morning to listen to some of my favorite songs, what did I choose to listen to?  Of course I pick songs that always make me feel something. Those songs that bring up memories. 

These are not always the best choice for me, this morning they were good memories though.  I LOVE the movie 'The Notebook', especially the song 'Feels Like Home'.  It's exactly how I felt about my 'D' when we finally saw each other.

I felt whole and like all my world had come together and I was complete. It was such a wonderful and happy time in my life.  I can honestly say that I don't regret it now.  I thought for awhile it wasn't worth it, when I thought I'd lost David completely.

That's when I really knew that I loved him with my whole entire heart and soul.  I loved him enough to just be friends with him. I want him to be happy, really happy. 

The truth is that if you really love someone, you would only want them to be happy.  I would want nothing less than the best for my 'D'.  He's a very good and kind man, just as he was as a boy when I met him at 15.

Sure I really believe that my 'D' lost the best woman for him, me:).  I would be a selfish and mean person if I wished anything but the best for David. I'm neither mean or selfish, we just had the fairy tale without the ending.

That's okay though, there's still time for a fairy tale ending for me, someday.

"Everything you want, also wants you" ~ Jack Canfield


  1. So do I, it can bring out so much creativity and passion:) Thank you for your comment Jaqueline xox

  2. I love music too, it soothes my soul. Whatever I need, remembering, happiness or whatever. I'm glad you have good memories!

  3. It's the first time in a long time that I have good memories and not the ones that make me sob, that feels good... Thank your for your comment Dana:)

  4. Music is the same for me. Every song I have on my ipod has memories for me. There are songs on there that I can't listen to anymore because the memory is one I can't bare, but I can't delete them either. It would be like losing part of my life. I am glad to see that you have good memories and are happy.

  5. Thank you Pacman, I don't think I could bare to never listen to those songs again for fear that I would be so emotional I might have a break down. Today I felt like I was really healing;)

  6. So many songs have an effect like that on me. It is surprising to me sometimes how much they make me feel.

  7. I agree Daisy, certain songs can take me to specific places in my life, just like that;).

  8. Hello Launna:
    Music is, of course, always an excellent form of therapy. Or so we believe.

  9. I believe the same thing Jane and Lance, thank you for your comment:)


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