Happiness Is Contagious

"Happy people continuously change; and because they change they become more and more happy; and then more and more change is possible."- Osho

Isn't that quote above uplifting, because it reminds me of how deliriously happy I was last summer.  I was on cloud nine for all of the summer and the fall.  It seemed the happier I became the more I shared it, the more I radiated.  It was an incredible feeling. 

I'm not even sure my writing could do it justice, I don't think I have the words. This didn't even start with my David, that was the icing on the cake to follow.  I was just truly happy, I glowed... much like I'm starting to feel again and I'm so grateful!!!
I have returned to basics again, remembering what got me to where I wanted to be.  I lost my way by forgetting my own worth and not realizing my potential.  I have a way of making a list of what I want and then going about making it happen.

I stopped believing in myself and doubting that I could have what I want.  All because I allowed myself to think that there was something wrong with me when there isn't.  I'm a really good person, I am as honest as possible without being hurtful. I love with my whole entire heart.  I am faithful to the core. These are great attributes, every last one of us that has any kind of moral compass has awesome attributes too.
We all have our own strengths and weaknesses, it's our ability to recognize our strengths that propel us in our growth. Oh yes growth can be painful, I know this too well as each of us do.  We all have things we need to work on, I feel thankful that I remember that my strength was believing in myself and really know everything will happen as it should.  It always does.

"Everything you want, also wants you" ~ Jack Canfield


  1. It sounds like you are in a wonderful place. It's impossible to be happy when we undervalue ourselves. Part of welcoming great things in your life is believing you deserve them.

  2. Exactly Jamie, I have under valued myself for far to long, those days are gone:)

    1. That's fantastic Luanna. It takes courage to see the good in yourself, because we ate trained to pick ourselves apart, and it makes us feel immodest. Sad that we are trained to ignore our own positive attributes.

  3. It is sad Jamie, I work har to install this in both my children that they are of worth. We all are:)


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