Being Honest With Me, So I Can Be Honest With Others

Be honest with yourself about how you feel, because only then can you be honest with others about what you need. ~ Miriam Owens

I completely believe in being honest otherwise you have no one you can trust.  Reconnecting with David gave me that special someone that I could be my quirky self with. I enjoy that aspect of our relationship, there's nothing I can't say, I feel so free.

I never had anyone until David that I could be me with, I didn't even realize how difficult it was to find until I had it with him.  I'm a pretty open and honest person who shares my life easily. Yet we all have some things we don't feel safe about telling just anyone...

The wonderful thing about this is that I not only found who I can be me with, David found the person he can be 100% honest with too. He can tell me anything, I would NEVER judge him, just love him.

The awesome thing about that quote above was that we really just need to be honest with ourselves, if can't be honest with ourselves, we'll never be that way with anyone else.  One of the first steps to being open is always telling yourself the truth, especially the hard stuff.

"Everything you want, also wants you" ~ Jack Canfield


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