Turning Fear Into Faith‏

I had an awesome lesson at church yesterday, it was about how fear and faith were the opposite of each other.  So basically if you fear something you are not practicing faith.  That's it in its simplistic form and that truly resonated with me.

Sure there are going to be tough days, of course we are not going to be happy every second of everyday but if we have true faith, we will remember that those hard times will pass as they always do.  It's a great reminder and I feel blessed to have heard the lesson and to feel the truthfulness of this.

It brought to mind everything I have gone through lately and how I've not always dealt with it all as faithfully as I should or could have.  It's almost like I didn't believe that I would get through when deep in my heart and soul I knew that I would.  I was in so much pain that I was sure I that I would fail. 

I've also come to realize that I was given an inspired plan a while back and I didn't follow through.  I'm now going with it, doing what I know I can. Than I'm leaving the rest up to God and the universe, I'm going to have faith.

I really feel like this cleanse is and has been beneficial to me.  One I found out that I could truly care less about TV, that was a huge time waster of mine.  Two I miss Facebook just so that I can keep in contact with my family and friends that are not close by.  I do feel a little cut off but it's only until the middle of November.

Three, I love eating healthy.  It has made me plan out my weekly meal ideas so that I'm not struggling to come up with food ideas for lunch. Especially since Valentina is back to school now, I'm sending her with healthy food too.  Four I feel more inspired to blog and I have time to read the blogs I follow without taking time away from Valentina.

Fifth and I think this is the most important by product of this cleanse.  I've been sleeping, I go to bed early and I actually sleep.  I'm still tired but I think that's my body's way of dealing with everything I put it through for the past nine months or so.

When this whole cleanse is over, I'm going to stick with a few of the items and also I'm going to limit some of my activities, mostly I'm going to let my body sleep when it's tired. I haven't been perfect on it but I'm not giving up, I just wake up each day and start anew.

I'm not perfect, I'm just perfecting myself and they are totally different.  The first one in not achievable on this earth, the second is worth working towards with a little faith.

"Everything you want, also wants you" ~ Jack Canfield


  1. You inspire me to be more centered myself and be less involved. I think I may start with "TV" I am addicted to Netflix( Do they have that in CA?) Movies and shows direct to your TV? Its super cheaper than cable, but so addicting. Keep going and dont give up! Thanks for the inspriation ane the motiviation.

  2. Anytime Joy, you inspire me too:). We do have Netflix but you need a credit card and I don't have one so I was paying massive cable bills, I called them to cancel and they gave me a 42.00 discount for 6 months. I'd cancel it but I'm getting Valentina prepared for March when it goes. She needs to watch less TV:).

  3. I have heard people talk about how fear and faith are opposites before too. I think it is very true. It's not always easy to have faith, but I think that is the best route to take. Sounds like good things are happening for you with this cleanse.

    1. Thank you Daisy, now that I'm turning my fear into faith, I'm seeing some changes happening;).

  4. Hi Launna,

    thanks for this post, I've been dealing with my Mom who is elderly,lonely,visually impaired and lost her spouse. She used to attend church faithfully and gave it up. When I read your post I had a eureka moment and decided to contact her church to see about getting her involved again.

  5. Awe, thank you so much Gail, good luck with getting your mom back in church. Thanks so much for your comment;)

  6. Launna I can associate with so much pain it is hard to hold on to faith or keep faith or not to have fear because of faith. At the moment I am full of fear and I have faith to but if only I could cast out the fear and rely on faith alone. You sound like your cleanse is working wonders and brought you insight into what you enjoy and miss and don't. Good for you Launna. Thank you for sharing as always :-)

  7. Thank you Behind the Smile, I don't think it is easy, I just know I need to work on having much more faith. :)


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