Positive Things From Challenges

Once again I was in bed just before nine, talk about exhaustion.  I'm pretty sure I could have slept standing up.  Besides I had to get up early (4:00am) to get Valentina ready for the first day of school.  She's so excited, I hope she has an amazing year.

I finally saw the specialist with my friend Cindy; the doctor did NOT say that my leg looked good (it was about time).  I am on a list for an operation which will have me laid up for six weeks or so.  I'm not looking forward to that but I am looking forward to finally having my leg healed.

When I do go in for this operation, I'm going to take the time to sleep as much as my body wants and I'm going to get caught up on all my letters that I owe and phone calls too. I will probably blog like a fool since I'll be bored, I apologize up front:). 

I will get to read again, next to my love for my children and David is my love for reading.  I'll get to catch up on all the books I own, that's a nice thought.  I can hardly wait for my copy of her book to arrive Ripple The Twine by Jenn-Flyn-Shon from the blog Writesy.  I'm also going to read the book 'The Mirror' again, I've read it like 30 or more times.

Okay, I have some great things I can do and get caught up while I'm laid up.  They actually all sound wonderful to me, hopefully once I actually get the date set, it will all go beautifully.  There is always something positive is the most difficult challenges.

 "Everything you want, also wants you" ~ Jack Canfield


  1. I hope the surgery goes well for you and that it allows you the time you need to rest and catch up on the things you'd like to do. I hope this will get your leg finally healed too. You have had trouble with that for quite a while.

  2. Thank you Daisy, my leg has been infected for close to 12 years, each time it heals, it just gets worse the next time. I am grateful that I am finally on the list for plastic surgery to hopefully fix it once and for all:)

  3. Oh, i will hope, that you will so good after the operation. And why not ;) of course you will!!! :)
    Time to heal, and relax, not so bad... please, let me know?
    Hugs, Maarit

  4. Thank you so much Maarit, I am not sure when I am getting it but hopefully in the next few months or so. I need that time to finally heal, I hope you are okay as well:)

  5. I really hope you enjoy the book and that it can help you escape to some far off place while you heal up after surgery! Be well & best of luck for a smooth operation :-)

  6. Thank you Jenn, I have started reading your book and I have a friend that wants to read it as well. Then we are going to donate it to our library:)


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