We Were Born Perfect

We were born perfect, if only for the simple fact that we can change ourselves within the blink of an eye - simply by altering our thoughts and our energy. You can't get more perfect than that. ~ Jeffrey Marks

I opened my email today and immediately I was so moved by the words above that I instantly wanted to write a post about it and share it with everyone.  We were born perfect as we CAN change our thoughts in the blink of an eye which can change our circumstances just like that.  That doesn't mean we are perfect, it means we have a way of perfecting ourselves.

Most of us are unaware that it is possible to change your here and now by just changing the way we think... I have seen this work in my life over and over.  The first time was when I was 15 years old and I had decided that I wanted to not have to live with my step mother Ruth any longer.  I wished her no harm, I prayed daily for six months to be free of her and finally I was free.  Also on a smaller scale, I was broken hearted over my David and feeling as if I would never be able to pull myself together when it didn't work out as it should have.  A few weeks ago, I consciously made the decision that I would put that sad side of myself away and that I would remember all the wonderful blessings in my life.

Neither one of these were easy, neither of them just solved all my issues but both of these decisions I made helped me to see that I am in control of my emotions.  I am not in control of what happens to me but how I handle what is given to me.  I think I must be slow to learning these lessons though as I fall back into the 'poor me' pattern when life does not go the way I planned, instead of saying, 'what can I learn from this, how can I grow to be a better, more loving person?'  These are the questions I am going to ask myself each time something turns my world upside down.

I read a really amazing blog by Carly Ester, she is moving to Ecuador in a few days. She is so spiritual and so giving.  What she writes about puts my little set of problems into perspective. Not that we don't have the right to be sad, it's life, without sadness we wouldn't know joy, I've known incredible sadness but I've also tasted sheer joy.  What I love about Carly is that she is trying with all her heart to do what she was meant to do in this life, she is going to Ecuador to help the children and women there, giving them hope.  She is just so inspiring!!

When I begin to think that life is too hard, not worth putting the effort in and feeling as if my world is so turned upside down, I am going to think of Carly and how she is giving up all of her comforts in her life, to go and help as many people that she can who have little hope in their lives.  She is giving back and giving service. 

What I learned from this quote by Jeffrey Marks is that although we feel inadequate in this world, we are not broken.  We were born perfect and we have the ability to change how we handle the difficult situations that life throws at us.  One of the most interesting things is that what I find the most difficult to deal with, I usually find out that it was a good thing in the end.  Another thing that I learned is that I really need to listen with my heart and than follow.... who knew it could be that easy?  I didn't.

Have you ever thought that
if one thing hadn't happened,
a whole set of things
never would've either?
Like dominoes,
a single event kicked off
an unstoppable series
of changes that gained
momentum and spun out of control,
and nothing was ever
the same again.
Don't ever doubt that
a mere second can change
your life forever.

"Everything you want, also wants you" ~ Jack Canfield


  1. Hello Launna:
    What a wonderful selection of uplifting quotations you delight us with here today. Perfection we have always thought to be vastly overrated whereas seeking contentment within and dealing with life's issues in a positive way has been our motto.

    You have many words of wisdom here and we have found reading them both comforting and inspiring.

  2. The truth is the older we get the harder it becomes for us to change....But it's important to make en effort otherwise we can never grow :).

  3. Passei para ver o seu blog, confesso que adorei, gostei muito. Sugiro que faça uma visita ao meu blog também:]


  4. Thank you Jane and Lance, when I'm inspired, I like to hear that I was able to bring it forth through my post:)

  5. Thank you Petronela, it's us who decide we are too old to change. We are never too old;)

  6. Thank you Manoel, I will visit your blog, thank you for your comment :).

  7. Sometimes i think life so harder but when i read ur blog i got some inspiration to be positive :D thank you

  8. Awe thank you Wawakyoko, you are so sweet:)


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