Choose One Challenge

I was reading up on all the blogs I follow and I came upon this one about choosing one challenge from All Good Things 


Turn off the TV for a week

Catch the bus to work or the shops

Take your lunch from home, to work, everyday for 1 week and save @ $25.00

Walk to the shops

Make a budget for yourself or your family

Make a weekly menu for dinner

Write down 6 things that make you happy that don't cost money

Give up smoking

Drink tap water instead of soda, juice or soft drinks for a week

Do not purchase anything for a week: make do with what you have

I have chosen to create a weekly menu for dinner and really follow it.  I will be starting this on Wednesday.

Are you game? Which one will you choose?

Check out the blog below, it is about good things, quotes, ideas, places and people:

"Everything you want, also wants you" ~ Jack Canfield 



  1. Hello Launna:
    Of course, what this is all about is having both a focus and a structure in life and thinking about all the decisions which present themselves in our daily lives. This is something which we know you take very seriously indeed and for that we hugely admire you.

  2. Jane and Lance... I adore you two, thank you for the sweetest comments:)


I love and appreciate all genuine comments, to save a little time, I won't be commenting on the comments on my blog (unless you don't have a blog), I will just visit your blog and comment there, if you have left a meaningful comment for me... I would much rather spend the time reading and commenting on a few extra blogs ❤