Changing The Outcome To Change The Cycle

Faith precedes the miracle!

I feel like my life goes in circles, I learn a lesson, I feel enlightened and then I'm tested and often I fail. I try again and I go through the same cycle; constantly trying to change the outcome so that I don't end up back where I started. My goal is to move forward daily, doing better than the day before.

Some days I succeed, others I wonder if I'll make it through.  I feel selfish sometimes as I'm well aware that there are people in this world who have a much more difficult life than I do. People that have overwhelming challenges that blow me away.

When I constantly remind myself of this, it shows me just how blessed and lucky I am.  I unfortunately seem to be one of those people who need to have it driven home to me daily instead of having the faith to believe.

Until I learn to have faith, I will continually be caught in that vicious circle where I'll never find true happiness.  What if this is what I need to learn to have what I truly want?  What if I am holding myself back from the blessings that are waiting for me? 

What if the dream I've had for myself isn't big enough?  Am I letting fear holding me back?  I've been through the fire literally many times throughout my life, I could not have been saved for a mundane life, none of us were.

I need to be truly grateful for each and every trial I've had, otherwise I'll never learn the lesson and grow to my potential.

"Everything you want, also wants you" ~ Jack Canfield


  1. Like Dori said in Finding Nemo: Just keep swimming, just keep swimming... Keep on trying!

  2. Hello Launna:
    You do not need us to tell you that life is never straightforward and that you are not alone in questioning where you are going and what you are seeking. It does, we know, take immense courage and strength to have the kind of faith which overrides all situations. Few of us can count on that, and you are certainly not alone.

  3. Thank you Janice, that your comment put a smile on my face :)

  4. Thank you Angelina, I really appreciate that you let me know I inspired you:)

  5. Jane and Lance... thank you so much for understanding. I sometimes feel like I cannot always say what I need to hear as people only want to hear the good. Most times I am as upbeat as possible but we all have down days. Your comments are always appreciated:)

  6. yes, i think it´s important to have faith in ourselves to get what we want. Thanks for this article. Greetings, dear Launna!

  7. Awe thank you Armando... I always appreciate your comments on my blog:)

  8. Sometimes that's the biggest challenge - to just let go and let life move in the direction its supposed to. Fear is difficult to overcome at times. I just wrote about that today in light of the US election last night. I give you a high five for giving it your best effort!

  9. I know what you mean Jenn, I'm working on moving on, it's not easy and it is scary;).


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