Remembering To Be Grateful

I had an extremely productive day Friday. I was up at three thirty in the morning and I was at work by seven.  I don't start until nine but I went in early to complete a bunch of cases so that I could relax and enjoy my vacation. I had a very busy day at work, which made the day fly.  I had texted my 'D' to see if he had time to chat and near the end of my day he texted me back that later that night would be good.

After this crazy week with work and my oldest daughter flying off the handle with me over the US election, I really needed to have something good. I also didn't get to see Valentina on Thursday due to her having a sleep over at Cindy's as there was no school Friday.  She came home very excited for the five days I had off, we talked and then I received a text from David that it was a good time to call.

I called him and we caught up about everything, I babbled about silly stuff and important stuff.  We laughed incessantly, if he wasn't making me laugh, I was making him laugh. I know I felt extremely grateful, especially since we hadn't chatted on the phone for over three and a half months.

I can talk at the best of times but look out if I haven't talked to you in months.  David took it all in stride, he laughed and teased me, told me how wonderful he thought I was. I sighed when the conversation was over; I realized how much I had been holding inside me and how wonderful it felt to feel free. 

I needed to tell him of all my shortcomings, my failures and mostly my accomplishments.  I was so afraid I would disappoint him but he was loving and kind and he told me to remember how wonderful and strong I am and that I can continue to strive forward.

Can you all see why I love David, I'm so grateful we are best friends; he sees the best in me and shows me I am worthy of good things. I can see what he sees when he talks to me and sometimes that's all I need.

Today is Remembrance day, I'm incredibly grateful for the veteran's and the people in the military.  My David is in the military and I love his passion for his career.  I'm thankful to have him in my life, someone I can be completely open and honest with and know in my heart that he'll never judge me.

Remember to take a moment to thank the people you know that are in the military, they defend and protect our country and freedom.

"Everything you want, also wants you" ~ Jack Canfield


  1. David is very lucky to have your devotion and love, I truly hope he can return them to you just as much as you wish for.

  2. I agree--we all need to take a moment today and thank those who served our country so that we can enjoy the freedom we have. I watched a whole series on Vietnam today and it just made me cry to hear what our vets went through back then!!!

  3. Thank you Petronela, I do adore David... He may not love me the way I want and need but he does care deeply about me :)

  4. Isn't it scary and sad what they had to endure... Thank you Menopausal mama... I think we need to remember more than one day per year what these men and woman have done for their country!!!

  5. So nice that you got the chance to talk to your friend. I'm sure that made your day. Have a nice week ahead!

  6. Thank you Daisy.. it was wonderful to talk to him and tell him everything I had bottled up inside of me. My David always makes me feel better when we talk so openly.

  7. I was working today which is down my the Victoria Parliament Building. All the veterans were dressed in their uniforms. I was reflecting on the unimaginable things that they must have endured. I give thanks for the people that seem to know this is their calling because I surely don't have the courage to take that path. Thanks for the lovely post.
    Hugs, Suzanne

  8. Thank you Suzanne... I am like you, I don't think that is a path that I could take either but I have the deepest respect for these men and women... especially my 'D'


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