Beautiful Things Come From Changes And Mistakes

Attitude is your best weapon against life's most difficult challenges. ~ Dave Bexfield

I've been thinking how I need to simplify even more than I have.  I have held onto some items that I haven't even looked at in 10 years or more. It's time for me to rid myself of these items, the rule I need and want to live by now is if I haven't used it in more than a year, I need to dispose of the items or donate them.

I used to be a collector of things, like movies,books... etc.  I think I did this because I felt comfort in holding onto them. Today I feel like they own me, that's not a good feeling.  What is the use in having items you never use, they only clutter your home and your brain.

I want to be clear of these items so that I can be open to new possibilities available to me.  Also, I want to teach my youngest daughter that items are unimportant; people, relationships and love are important. I want her to feel loved so that she doesn't feel the need to look outward for acceptance. 

I have looked outward for far too long when I should have fed my inner self with love instead of trying to use items to make myself feel better.  It's sad what we do to ourselves in the name of trying to comfort ourselves.  Whether it is eating, buying things we don't need, drinking, drugs.... etc.

What am I afraid of?  Why do I feel that I'm not enough?  Why do I feel anything could fill the void if I don't love myself. I've slowly been changing my mentality around, I have been working on changing this trait; I want it to be second nature that I feel worthy.

We are all worthy, deserving of love, no matter our beginning in life. I am NOT my past and neither are you; each day we have the choice to do better.  No one can decide this for us but us, it is a conscious decision we need to make.  I won't say it is easy because that would be a lie; since I know it's not easy, I'm giving myself a break.  I am human after all and so are you.

We may have been born perfect but we are imperfect, not damaged, just imperfect.  I'm not saying we shouldn't strive for perfection in our life, I'm just saying it's not easy and we need to cut ourselves a break.

Basically we need to love ourselves the way we are right now, otherwise we will never move from this point in our life!

"Everything you want, also wants you" ~ Jack Canfield


  1. Hi Laura, I like this one of your article. I am really agree to your article. Beautiful Things Come From Changes And Mistakes.
    We need to learn much from our mistakes to create a good thing.
    We should optimistic, right.
    Hopefully, I can change myself to get find a woman as my couple. :D
    Greetings from Indonesia..

  2. Thank you Ridha, we can all change, we just have to want to:)

  3. It is so true that things are unimportant, and people and relationships are what is important. After my mom died and I cleaned out the things in her house, I realized then how totally unimportant those things left behind in the house were.

  4. Thank you Daisy, I realized that when my best friend Heather died in 2002 and when my grandmother dies in 1995 - I am definitely down sizing more... :)

  5. Great article!!! I love to downsize, it feels good to just let go, but I must admit I'm adding right now. Life definitely runs in cycles.

  6. Thank you Suzanne... life does run in cycles... some are easier than others, this year has been a hard cycle but a learning one.


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