Life Is A Balancing Act

I spent the whole day with my Valentina, we went shopping together and for the most part had a really good day but the preteen took over my Valentina and she snapped at me twice at the store... I was not impressed, so much so that I told her everything would go back if she could not control her words.  She maintained herself for the rest of the day.  I did not forget so easily though, I didn't want to start a scene in public but when we got home, I explained how she had made me feel and that in the future I would not tolerate the behavior. 

She certainly has the right to vent and voice her opinion but she is not allowed to snap at me like that, I do not snap at her.  If I am speaking in a harder tone than normal, it is because she has acted or said something inappropriate, I don't just snap.  Yes I understand that she is nine but I am very cognitive of the fact that if I let m guard down, she will feel it is okay to be inappropriate. Luckily my Valentina is a very kind and loving individual but we all have our days.

Monday I am hoping to go sign up so that we can start exercising daily... I have been very exhausted lately, so much so that I just want to crawl into bed and sleep but of course insomnia kicks in and I don't have full night sleeps.  I know, this is why I am exhausted, I am not sure how to train my body to sleep through a whole night.  I used to be an amazing sleeper, I would put my head on a pillow and sleep all the way through until the morning. Ever since I took on two jobs and had very little time to sleep, my body forgot how to sleep.

Even now when I only work one job and I rarely do overtime here either... but my body has never recovered from working so many hours at so many jobs.  Just because we can work like that, doesn't mean we should... I value my time now, if I do work a few extra hours here and there, I book time off instead of requesting the money.  I love my job but we all need time for ourselves, something always gives if we don't give enough time for us.

I am watching David do that right now, he is basically doing two jobs right now, he has very little time for himself.  Thankfully this will only last a few more weeks than he can take some time off for himself. I know that David loves his career, he is very dedicated and gives a hundred percent to his job but there has to be a balance.  I learned that about five years ago when I started my new job, I had left a job where I was working sixty five plus hours a week.

It felt good to slow down and relax, I guess that is why I guard my time so much now, I appreciate the quite times I have to just read or write.  I also realized that all the hours I put in for overtime, didn't really mean all that extra money, a lot of it went to taxes.... so I wasn't really winning there.  What I gained from all that was I didn't take care of myself and today I am still paying for it all with the insomnia...

I just need to get my life under some sort of balance... not that it stays there but at least I want to be putting out the effort.

I cherish my past, I accept my present and I dream for my future


  1. Well said sweet friend!! I like how you handle that outing.... You are teaching her some valuable your special quotes!!! Great truths in your writing

  2. Hooray... It finally let me leave a comment!!! Love your letters!!

  3. Thank you Jackie, such kind words from you, I really appreciate them:)

  4. I like that quote.
    I know that I try to do a lot but I know that I can not do every thing.

    Kids like to show off to other kids that they are independent. For some reason by snapping they think that they are standing up to grown ups.

    I always tell my kids that I value their opinion; Even out of context I told them how I admire them so it is kind of embeded in their minds that their opinion is important so when we go out that part of the social/ school age life is taken care of.

  5. Thank you Munir... I do believe that children have a right to their opinion... they just don't have to snap it;-)

  6. It really is important and necessary to have a proper balance between time spent at work and time spent at home or elsewhere doing things for ourselves that we enjoy. I think it really adds to our stress levels when things are out of balance.

  7. Thank you Daisy... I couldn't agree with you more;-)

  8. Great post :)
    I'm following you back via twitter,bloglovin and GFC :)

    Mahnoor's haul

  9. Really enjoyed the post and you make some points that are really relevant to us right now! It's always better to pick the priority things to do really well rather than try and do everything and do it badly. Good luck starting the exercises- we are trying to get healthier too! xo

  10. Thank you Laura and Sarah... we all need to learn that we can't do it all... ;-)

  11. Hi launna hope u will always have a gud sleep..enough rest, love and happines ^__^GBU..

  12. Thank you Wawa... that is so very sweet of you... I have missed your blogging :(


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