Progessing Outside My Comfort Zone

I think I have way too much on my plate right now, I just keep adding to it... not a good thing to do when I went from having basically 24 hours per day free time to now having very little free time.  Since I have been back to work, I have watched maybe an hour of TV (not a bad thing).   However; I rarely have downtime for myself which means that I don't relax enough and in turn I don't sleep enough.

So, I read my fifth chapter of The Purpose Driven Life and I came away from it in tears again, once again, not a bad thing but I have decided not to blog about it daily... because I want to have some happy uplifting posts in between and although the book is a massive eye opener, it also has me highly emotional about what I have been learning.  I am still going to read and study the book but I am going to write about other things, except when I feel compelled to write about what I have learned.

I have really been enjoying being back at work, I am sure I will be tested with a nasty client soon but hey, that is a part of life.  I am totally enjoying being back and dealing my all my co-workers... I really missed them, they are my work family and they always make me feel pretty special.  I don't have issues of people backstabbing me at work, we all try to help each other out whenever we can.  We all have things we are good at, I am really amazing at helping clients with their issues for ROE's (record of employments).  The good thing is that whatever someone else is good at, they are willing to share with each of their co-workers too.

We have a great mixture of people on our teams now and I was really grateful to find the teams didn't change while I was gone, last year we had so much change all at once that it was a lot to deal with for me.  However; that change ended up being good in the long run since I ended up meeting so many new and wonderful people that were hired.  It just didn't seem like that at the time.... here's the whole thing, I know that soon it will be time for me to move on to another department in my company as I am one of the last one's on my team that has not changed positions.  Mainly because I am really comfortable and happy in my position.  I mean it's perfect for me, I love to talk and I get to talk for a living...  who could ask for more than that.

I do know that I won't grow any of my potential if I don't advance somewhere along the line, which my team leader has been getting me to think about for the last six months. I kept holding off because I don't like to feel uncomfortable in my job but if I don't go outside my comfort zone I will never progress... which is not what I really want for myself and not what the company wants for me.  This company is all about leaning and growing, they work with us to find the next move for our careers.  They are all about helping each of us grow to our potential in anyway hey can, I have never worked for a company like that...  the only person holding me back is me, it is not my company.

About a month ago I was talking to my David, he has been an acting Major in the army for the last year or so and he told me that they wanted him to consider working on becoming a Major... I was happy for him and said congratulations... he told me, he wasn't ready.  Now if you really knew my David and anyone who reads my blog knows a lot about him as I blog about him often.  He LOVES his career in the army, he takes his responsibilities seriously and give his job 100%, I love how dedicated he is.... yet he doesn't believe he is capable of that position... I told him if the army thought he was ready then he was and I really believe in him as well.

That was when I realized that I do the same thing about my job and I knew that it was time to believe in myself as much as my team leaders and bosses believe in me.  Although I know it will be difficult for me to leave my teammates and move on in my career... that is what I need to do to grow.... my David helped me see that and he didn't even know it... it was because I see his potential and I saw a little of me in him with the fear that he didn't think he was ready.... that is how I have been in the past.

I know that in the future my David will become the Major he is meant to be, it's just a matter of time until he believes what I know... and before too long, I will be in a learning mode again, feeling uncomfortable and growing because of it all.  The more uncomfortable I am, the more I will know I am meant to be there... if life was meant to be easy, we would never progress from grade to grade and then progress in our careers or anywhere in our lives. 

I cherish my past, I accept my present and I dream for my future


  1. Nice to know that you are back to work miam!! Goodluck!

  2. Thank you Keith... I love reading all your thoughts on your blog:-D

  3. Yes change is inevitable. I wish you all the best for you endeavors from now on and in future.

  4. Thank you Munir.... I wish you the best as well ;-)

  5. This is an excellent post! Keep plugging away, you continue to inspire and challenge each of us. :)

  6. It sounds like you have a very supportive and helpful workplace environment. That's the best kind of place to work. I know what you mean about forcing yourself to go outside of your comfort zone in order to advance. I have trouble doing that sometimes too.

  7. Than you Joy, you inspire me too :)

  8. Thank you Daisy, I love my job, they make me feel loved...

    Oh that darned comfort zone.


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