It Was All In My Attitude

I had an off day, where I was playing catch up all day... from the moment I woke up, it took me nearly twenty minutes to finally roll out of bed.  I jumped into the shower and proceeded to spend an hour of my morning drying and styling my hair.  I had no idea how much it had grown in the past month (it seemed to have gained inches overnight, lol)... time to get it  cut a bit.. an hour is a bit much to spend on my hair in the morning. I didn't get my housework done on Saturday and I don't do any housework on Sundays, so because of this, I was completely unorganized with cooking lunch and getting clothes ready.

I actually left the house in plenty of time for the bus, which ended up being very late... which in turn made me miss my connection.  I stayed on that bus thinking I would just connect to any bus that was going across the bridge.  This was not to be, there was some sort of accident on the bridge and the bus was not able to go anywhere... by this point I was beginning to think the Universe was against me, lol. 

The bus was finally able to go over the bridge, however; my next transfer was no where in sight, I decided to take any bus to my next stop, which then had another twenty minute wait.  Did I mention it was cold this morning, beautiful but very cold.  I finally made it to work ten minutes before I was to start... I left the house at 7:10 am and I reached work at 8:50, what normally takes me a little over an hour, took me nearly two.

Work went really well though, the clients were funny, I was able to help solve most of their issues... it's always a good day when I come away from work smiling. It means I had a productive and happy day.. more and more of these lately.  Anyhow, I decided on the way home that no matter how tired I was and believe me I am exhausted, I was going to make sure the dishes and laundry were done... I can say it, they are done... so happy.

I am glad that I shook off the nasty morning I was having and started the day with a smile and it only got better as the day went on.  Tomorrow I will be more prepared and the day will be even better because of it, can't have two bad bus days in a row...

The highlight of my night was when Valentina and I went through all of her photos I have posted on Facebook, we laughed so hard and I told her the many stories behind each picture of her. There was one where she was eating cake and she was full of it... and ones where she was making the funniest faces, she is a beautiful girl but she can make the funniest faces that make us both laugh hysterically.  I'm going to post a few of these so you can smile like we did.

 Valentina and her first birthday cake

 Valentina and her many cute faces

Valentina at a year with her new fuzzy slippers

I am off to bed now, I want to start the day out on a good note and take it through the day... the best thing, I don't have to wash and style my hair, so I get an extra hour of sleep... starting off on the right foot.

I cherish my past, I accept my present and I dream for my future


  1. Wow, your trip to work sounds like a nightmare! Makes me very grateful for my five minute drive to work here.

    I love seeing the pictures of your daughter. What a cutie she is! I especially like the one with the fuzzy slippers.

  2. Hi Launna! I LOVE your THIS IS ME segment... I am new here but I just loved that ;) What an amazing story!

    I agree with Daisy above... your daughter is adorable!

    I'm your newest follower!


  3. Thank you Daisy, that picture of her with the fuzzy slippers is one of my favorite... she is a cutie:)

    My trip to work can be a nightmare but it is way too expensive for me to own and operate a car that could cut over an hour off my travel time.. oh well :)

  4. Thank you Clementine, I visited your blog and added myself as follower as well. Thank you again for the kind words :)

  5. First of all, Valentina is sooo cute.
    Your hair grows that fast. I wish that mine did. You are lucky!

  6. Thank you Munir...

    That was my Valentina around a year.... she's almost 10 now, the time goes too fast.

    I have amazing hair, I am very, very blessed:)

  7. Thank you Betty....Valentina's adorable ;-)


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