Patience Can Be A Challenge And A Gift

I am the type of person when I have something difficult going in in my life that I have to talk it out, I need to discuss it and it helps me to release some of the pain, anger, fear, sadness or frustration.  I feel like I would burst if I didn't say the words out loud to someone and hear their opinion.  I like to hear other people's opinions, I don't always follow it... I do have my own ideas.

So when I end up dealing with someone who becomes a total introvert when something befalls them, it becomes a learning game for me... because although I need to converse, not everyone does... some people have to deal with it on a personal level before they can get to the next step.  Can I say I have not always been patient with that trait, usually I become frustrated and look at ways I can try to make things better for that person.  I have learned that sometimes it is much better to give people their space to deal with it the way they need to...

The only thing I do in these situations is offer my support, whenever they need it and let them know I will be ready and waiting. It's all I can do, anything else would be judgmental and the last thing I want to do is step on someones toes with how they need to deal with their pain. Is it easy for me, no... I would be lying if I said that but as I get wiser with age, I recognize that my way is not always the right way and it definitely isn't the right way for everyone else.

I also am aware that men and women handle challenges differently, I have found that the majority of women I know want to talk about it, discuss it, analyze it... figure out a solution.  The men I have known, want to hear the issue, they give a logical response and if I didn't take their advise, they seemed baffled.  David was and is different, he gave advise but he also listened and understood why I wouldn't always take his full advise. 

While I am waiting patiently, I am learning that sometimes all you can do is send out positive happy thoughts and pray...

I cherish my past, I accept my present and I dream for my future


  1. You said it. Pain can be a teacher, from our childhood when we fall and scrape our knee to the our old age when we get talked into buying things that we do not need to not getting a smile even but angry looks when we give a wrong gift.

  2. It's true, not everyone deals with things the same way. I'm more of an introvert and one to think things over. My husband tends to want to talk everything out. We both have learned to try and accommodate each other's styles.

  3. Thank you Daisy... it's so difficult to sit and wait until that person is ready to talk... :/

  4. :D thats so true!!

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