What I Search For I Will Find

Today was a bit of a write off, after not sleeping most of the week... I slept in a bit this morning.  Mind you, I didn't really sleep well last night... I had a dream that felt so real, I was running away in the dream and part of me knew it wasn't real and even though I was in a nice deep sleep, I somehow forced myself to wake up.  I was semi relieved to find out that it was just a dream after all... It wasn't a scary dream, it was a confrontational one, I guess I dreamt this because I have been tying to figure out how to confront an issue in my life.  Usually I am not afraid, I say what I am feeling... hopefully without hurting anyone (that is never something I want to do) but this one means so much more.

After waking up from my dream, I felt it was time to take a bubble bath so that I could just relax, it felt amazing.  I read all the new blogs I follow, I have some very talented blogging friends...  that took me nearly an hour and half to get up-to-date.  I then took my Valentina to buy her a new scooter, she has always loved them, this is her fourth one that she has had.  She was outside for well over an hour scootering... I call her my scooter girl, I love watching her ride it with her long hair flowing behind her.  If it is nice tomorrow, I plan to take some pictures of her on it. 

Tomorrow will be a bit of a me day, I plan to cook a nice meal for Valentina but most of the day I am going to blog. I have some catch up posts I want to write, I need some time where I am not running to do this errand or that errand. I have had a few a ha moments from The Purpose Driven Life, I want to be fresh so that I can write my thoughts clearly.

I have also been wanting to update My Jar Of Happy Memories, for a little while.  I have a few items from this year... one of the main items is that I am very happy that I was able to have the surgery to fix my leg, I am happy that I didn't have major complications, I am happy to be back at work (all my co-workers made me feel so loved.  I plan to fill that jar with as many happy memories from this year... I am working hard on finding the joy in my life, it is paying off.  The more I look for the joy, the more it shows up in my life... the same goes for whatever you search for you will find.

I cherish my past, I accept my present and I dream for my future


  1. Take some time for yourself. Sounds like taking pictures of Valentina is a great idea.

  2. Thank you Betty... we all need to take a little time for ourselves;-).

    I plan to take lots if pictures of Valentina <3

  3. You have many good things to put in your jar of happiness. I believe that too, that you find what you are looking for. :)

  4. Thank you Daisy, I have been blessed :)

  5. Hi Launna, it's nice that I have now the time to read your blog posts. It's summer break here in the Philippines, that's why. :-) Glad to know that you're doing well after the surgery. By the way, congrats for your blog's Page Rank (2). My toolbar tells me these pieces of info. Your blog is doing great!

  6. Thank you Rhodora.... I am not sure how I got a page 2 ranking but I'm happy to have achieved it.... onward and upward :-D

  7. I totally sympathize with you on the sleeping issue, I have trouble sleeping every once in a while and usually when something is stressing me out and it's still outstanding. I need to confront it and get over it so I can get my old life back.
    I hope you'll fix your issue and get back on track, sleep is vital for a healthy mind and body.
    Have a lovely Sunday, Launna.

  8. Thank you much Petro... I hope you have a lovely day too :)

  9. Launna, it sounds like you're really taking care of yourself. What a wonderful way to celebrate life.
    In honesty, I really wanted to know what your dream was about. LOL!!! You left me hanging to know more.
    Have a wonderful day.

  10. Hahaha Suzanne, I wanted to say what it was but I think I need to deal with the confrontational event first... once I do that, everyone would understand the dream better... lol

    Thank you so much for your comment :)

  11. It is always good news for me that you are doing great and lively miam!! Hope to see your daughter driving scooter.. and please do write and update here for I wanna see and read it miam!!

  12. Thank you Sangay... I will definitely post pictures ;-)


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