Pain And Growth

I've been having a bit of a reality check lately, we all have to have them time to time... I guess it's a way for us to grow.  Why does growing always seem to involve pain, I know once you grow from it that life can be so amazing but going through the pain can sometimes be unbearable.

I guess that is why people always try to hide the pain, they can't deal with it... I am one of those people that try to hide the pain, what has it ever accomplished for me, nothing.  I still have the pain, I just covered it for a short while with whatever... It didn't take it away, it always returns, the only way for it go away it to deal with it.

Hmmm, I just wish it was easier, it never is though.  I have taken some wrong paths in my life that have lead to painful growth that has brought so much joy when I walked through the pain.  I don't do that enough, I try so hard to cover it.  Because I had a setback, I failed to remember how blessed I am... all I could think of was the loss.

It is so true that whatever you focus comes into your life, I need to focus on the wonderful things I have and try to get past the loss.  There has to be away, I have dealt with it in the past, this one is just so much harder.  I guess that means great things are waiting for me to get myself together and walk through the pain to a joy I can not even imagine.

I need to do a gratitude blog, when I do that I remember how blessed I am, I also need to talk and pour my heart and thoughts out to a very close friend.  I really believe that the path to love is only found when being honest and open.  If there is anything less in a relationship, it's not a relationship that is worth salvaging.  I have learned that the hard way, at least I've learned it though.

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