Overcoming Trials With New Dreams

I never have a difficult time writing, usually I sit down and the words pour out of me, then I go back and fix up thoughts, add or delete things... this last week zapped my thoughts. It seemed like there had been one thing after another bringing me down.

First I'm overwhelmed at work, there is a great deal of changes happening... not all good, it's causing me a great deal of anxiety. Second I was walking and near the third mile I suddenly felt a pain... I thought all I would need to do was keep persevering ... then I injured it more. Third, with all the stress I've been out of control with my food.
I'm totally frustrated that everything seems like it is out of control... for the longest I time felt gratitude that I was able to exercise... I was feeling stronger and in control of my health. I kept thinking that no matter how many challenges or trials I have, I could walk the stress off. Then I injured myself and I am trying to figure out another way to de-stress, instead I am feeling completely overwhelmed... I hear myself saying Why me? Haven't I had enough challenges? Where is my break?

Then I feel guilty for thinking this way when I know there are many people without a job that would be grateful to have mine... there are people unable to walk, let alone exercise... and there are people going through bigger challenges than I am. Yet I felt despondent with having one stressful thing after another this past couple of weeks. I don't enjoy feeling this way. So, I started reading older blog posts that I had written and saw how far I have come, how much I've changed.
Although I don't feel excited about any of the trials I have, I do have hope that if I can get through ten years of child abuse, being a young single mother at eighteen, an emotionally abusive marriage, then being raped by Andrey... and losing David as my very best friend...

Surely I can deal with a stressful job, a physical injury and having to change the dreams I had for myself to different dreams. That's what life is about, making new and better dreams by overcoming trials...
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  1. Launna... :´-(
    Stay strong, honey! There's always light at the end of the tunnel.
    I know that better tomorrows are coming and you will get what your amazing and wonderful soul deserve! ♥

    Happy new week!
    xoxo Suzy ( ˘ ³˘)♥

  2. it is the right way, a must have new hope in this life

  3. I think we do ourselves a disservice when we self-talk ourselves about how bad others have it. And, while it is true, it really could always be worse, giving those feelings space doesn't invalidate gratitude. sometimes we just feel like crap and it's ok to say it. Hugs.

  4. You have come a long way and still trying to overcome the hurdles in your journey of making yourself better. You are really disciplined and you are teaching us along the way. Thanks,

  5. Yes, the inspiration from our past or the tribulations of our past definitely must push us ahead. Keep going, best of luck.

  6. Hang on..you have persevered so much. Hopefully, you are on the mend. I'm sure everyone you work with is having problem with the new changes going. I'm glad you did write this. I hope you have a way to ride out the stress and your injury too. Many prayers for the weeks ahead and the holidays too.

  7. Don't feel overwhelmed Launna! Just give yourself a little pause.... Relax, Breathe, Smile (because you have long a long way and doing the best for yourself) and Start on your new dreams and creating a new good life. Things may seem difficult and unfavorable but stay determined. You are doing a great job creating a better 'you.' Please don't give up!!!

    Sending you more love, strength and hugs dear. You can overcome these problems too!!! You Can!!!

  8. You are great Launna, and i think you are very strong, at mind and heart ♡

    much love and kisses from Vienna!

  9. i wish you all the best. good luck dear launna! :)

    xoxo, rae

  10. Ups and downs are a part of life as you know. The trick is how to survive the downs and keep one foot on the building.
    I've had some kind of lung issue for almost a month and it has zapped my strength and creativity. I feel like I'm in a rut. I'm going back to the doc this morning and hopefully he can help me over the hump.
    You take care. You're strong enough to endure life while your Farris Wheel is on the bottom.

  11. You have come through so many trials, Launna, you will come through this one, too, and be all the stronger for it. I think because writing is such a good outlet for you---maybe you should consider putting your experiences down and write a book. You can't type and eat (trust me-I KNOW this). lol. A year ago I wrote a book and it was so therapeutic. It calmed my mind when I was unable to do anything else-including exercise.
    You will find your way. I know you will. I hope you have a wonderful, magical December. xo Diana

  12. We all have ups and downs. It certainly sounds like you've had more than your share! You'll make it through this. Keep writing. It's good therapy. Hope your injury clears up quickly!

  13. I think the only thing that could keep you down is an injury - so I pray that heals soon! Keep your mindset moving forward, you've done so well!

  14. Keep on moving forward. Its great that you keep writing. All the best!

  15. You are such a strong person, Launna. I know you can get through these temporary setbacks. Sometimes our problems seem big, but once we realize how many other troubles we have conquered, we realize we are doing pretty well after all. Wishing you a happy week.

  16. Launna, I hope by the time I'm writing this you're feeling better. I can understand the initial feeling of frustration you had, and I think it's so mature of you to see your situation from a different angle. Not everybody does that, some of us just keep complaining and victimizing over our trials. In every journey there are ups and downs. You'll resume your journey in the same good path you "left" it soon. <3

  17. Dear Launna! No words can express the way I feel... Writing is a wonderful way to healing and you're half way there because you've created this personal place of yours! "You were given this life because you were strong enough to live it." I believe this quote is so you, Launna! Please don't stop chasing your dreams, dear!

    xoxo Ira

  18. Keep writing Launna, don't worry you're so strong.... I wish you all the best my lovely friend!!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Facebook

  19. I noticed one of your passions is walking. I think walking is the best exercise, it's good for digestion, for the circulation and it's a great way to relax. Have a nice week Launna!

  20. Writing is healthy, it help you to get it all out! Hopefully after a good sit down with your keyboard, things are in better perspective and your job, and life, wont seem so overwhelming! Blessings to you my dear friend!! <3 - www.domesticgeekgirl.com

  21. They say God never gives us a heavier burden than we can bear, so hang in there.You KNOW you're strong; you've proved it time and time again. I'm sorry things are feeling kinda crummy right now, but hopefully, things will look up again real soon.

  22. Launna, my heart goes out to you! Walking is great exercise and it need not be speed walking...just walking! I agree with what Saucy Siciliana said about it helping digestion and circulation, relaxing...and I will add another one, it helps us sleep better, too. Sending you a warm hug and much love.

  23. I hope you feel better soon! Don't feel guilty about being frustrated by your situation, that is normal. You will get through it, but it is okay to acknowledge your feelings. Hoping that you are having a better week. :)

  24. Every day is a new day! Don't get too down on yourself. Stress and anxiety get to all of us now and again. I know you'll persevere!

  25. Ugh it's so frustrating when things fall apart, but you've got this. Take a deep breath and then do what you must to ease yourself back on track.

  26. Don't beat yourself up on feeling this way. Its only natural to feel overwhelmed sometimes and wondering where the promised light is. Just keep doing what you know is good for you and things will fall in place when they will. Stay strong and keep inspiring us.

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  28. Dear Launna, I hope you are feeling better now. As we always say in Spain, tomorrow is another day.

    Jasmine ♥♥♥

  29. Don't worry dear Launna, this is a stressfull moment for you, but you are strong and I'm sure you'll be even stroger after this!
    Of course I'm sorry for you, but don't foget that everything in life has 2 sides, so try to keep looking the bright side and you'll overcome everything! :)

  30. I can't imagine going through all those obstacles and still finding the strength to push through. You're such an inspiration. I wish you the best of luck...just remember that you ARE strong enough to get through anything :)

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  32. Wonderful post Launna. Ups and downs come with life I think it's how we handle them that is important.

  33. Chaos and stress at work can really affect a person, there's no shame in (admitting) that.

  34. I feel since u are trying too hard u get exhausted.. Moderation is the key here.. if the job is a necessity for u concentrate on it more.. rest if u eat healthy & walk as much as you can you will certainly keep in shape and won't feel stressed out... have a great week ahead Launna ♥

  35. O my dear Launna you are strong enough to face anything and overcome with a smile!! Even I am not feeling good these days, reasons are many but reading your post at this time makes me feel much much better!! I can't thankyou enough for sharing those motivating words. <3

    Lotsa love :)

  36. Launna,

    I'm not sure what's going on with your work...but I hope things calm down and the anxiety ceases... please keep us updated!

    Also, I never knew about the details of your past, and you provided a glimpse. Sounds like you've been through a heck of a lot, and you're a stronger person for it. Keep your head up lady!!

    All the Cute
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  38. Its a passage of life to have stress issues but at the end everything works out for the best

  39. I am sending you a big hug. It doesn't matter if the rest of the world is falling apart, when your own life is crashing around you it is hard to have perspective! It is hard to worry about others first. We are human and you more than most have enormous inner strength. You will bounce back. Hope you heal fast -- I miss you on Fitbit.

  40. I just wrote this really heartfelt comment, and it disappeared. Completely. Ug. So regardless, I hope you are able to find a routine that works around your injury. I know your struggle there. Also wishing you much success in finding a new job that fits, or finding a way to make your current one more comfortable.

  41. Take one day at a time...and be kind to yourself.

    Hope my comment doesn't disappear as this is the third attempt.

  42. Launna ... sending you positive thoughts and lots of good wishes.
    I do hope things settle down a little for you.
    Please find time to sit down and relax ... I often find a sit down with a cup of tea can work wonders. Sure problems and worries may still be there but at least in those few minutes you make time for yourself ... and you are important.

    Thinking of you.

    Please take care

    All the best Jan

  43. Life can become overwhelming at times, remember that nothing stays the same and feelings of stress and anxiety come and go x

  44. Oh Launna, I am so sorry you're going through a rough patch but chin up honey, it will get better soon like it always did. And please don't stress yourself out over injuries, it's very common when you exercise as much as you do. I pulled a muscle in my left thigh due to over stretching while practising yoga and it took me more than a month to heal. It still hurt until today but it's not unbearable anymore. xx

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  45. Thanks! And ah- last week is the last week of classes, so I'm working on the DRESSember campaign as much as I can this week so next week I can focus! EEP! You should join in the campaign, wear a dress as much as you can and raise awareness of human trafficking(and funds if you can). :) And let me know if you do join because I'm getting together a dressember bloggers link up! :D

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  47. Aquele pré shampoo arde mesmo os meus olhos. Mas é muito bom o resultado no cabelo!

    Launna, fases ruins fazem parte da vida. Eu mesmo também estou passando por problemas no trabalho. Só que não podemos parar tudo por isso. O jeito é enxergar as coisas boas ao redor. Assim a dureza das coisas não tão boas passam mais rápido!

    Ótima quinta!

    Beijo! ^^

  48. It is so great that you have the blogs written to look back and see how you were able to persevere and remind you that you will again. You will get through this learn from it and be even stronger

  49. Stay strong Launna. Have you ever tried meditation? I had some trauma in my life and it helped me so much. Here is a link: http://marc.ucla.edu/body.cfm?id=22
    I hope this helps you.

    Much Love,

  50. I have to do as you said: Don't be pushed by your problems, be led by your dreams. I hope that you are not frustrated for long time and that things will be better. Take care dear!

  51. Launna, don't let problems define you! Let your dreams encourage you :)
    I hope you are feeling better - or will do soon. Your too much of a wonderful person to be feeling blue x


  52. Hang in there----you've hit a little bump in the road but things will get better soon. I like that you went back and looked at older blog posts for emotional strength. You can see how far you've come. You have not lost that---as I said, you're just dealing with a rough patch right now. Good things are coming, I'm sure of it!

  53. You are such a strong person Launna! :-) Keep that in mind, always! I wish you all the best!


  54. Great post!
    Have a nice week!
    Gil Zetbase

  55. Things have been quite challenging for me lately too, but don't worry, I think it will get better :) :)

    Raindrops of Sapphire


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