Truthful Emotions

This blog is about how I feel at any given time, I am honestly one of the most happy, positive and upbeat people.  I smile, laugh and generally I'm very uplifting.  It is not like I never feel sad, that wouldn't be normal... if I never felt sad,  I would wonder if I was hiding my feelings even from myself.

I have used numerous things in life to stop myself from feeling pain, sadness, loneliness.  Not one of them have worked, working through my feelings is the only thing I can do.  I see why I have tried to cover them, it is downright difficult to feel them.  I know it is better that I do but wow, some feelings are overpowering.

Since I have changed how I dealt with my emotions in the past month, I have no where to hide, I have to cope with my real feelings.  Last night I slipped up and ate more than I should have.  I knew instantly why I was doing it, so I talked to my very best friend David.  I ended up crying myself to sleep and then I woke up crying.

I told my best friend that I have felt like I was alone and that I had no one to confide in except for him and he is far away from me right now.  Not far away emotionally but by distance.  I know I always have him to talk to no matter what.  I've never been so close to anyone in my life and I am beyond feeling gratitude for that.  I know if I didn't have him right now,  I'm sure I would probably not even be able to get out of bed.

I get up each day, smile, go to work, laugh.  Come home, work on myself through seminars and reading.  Sleep, then do it all over again.  I guess I have been filling my days to capacity with whatever I can do, so that I don't have to deal with the sadness I feel.  Only thing about that is if I continue on that way, something always comes along that shows me,  I'm not hiding it too well.

In the past 8 hours, I have felt alone, sad, frustrated, angry, disappointed.... I don't like feeling this way,  I feel like I have no control over how I am reacting.  Even though my closest friend in the world is far away in miles, I know I have him there at anytime to tell him what I am going through, I could never be thankful enough for that.  I shudder to think where I would be if he had not showed up in my life when he did.

Part of what I am feeling is that my very best friend in the world wants only the best for me, he doesn't want me to settle for less than the best.  Yet I feel like he is settling for less than what he deserves.  I don't know why he feels that I deserve the best in my life but he doesn't.  That makes me sad, very sad.  He has helped me to see that I am just as wonderful and amazing as he has told me all along.  I wish he would understand that he is one of the most kind and amazing human beings I have ever known.

I think it is funny how people have such wonderful insight into other peoples lives yet they cannot apply it to their own lives.  Oh well, all I can do is be the best me,  I cannot make other people understand why they settle, I can only figure out why I have settled and change that behavior so that I never settle again.  Maybe that is what I have to do,  live my best life.... let him and other people see how wonderful and fantastic it is, so they will want that too.


  1. Hi Launna,

    I read your About Me section and I instantly liked your blog. Been struggling to write that part of my blog for the longest time. I like your honesty with your readers. Found your site at, by the way.

  2. Thank you so much Rhodora, I really appreciate your very kind words:)


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