Always Becoming Love

I was looking over my Pinterest board of quotes and I read the one above and it made me think how what we really all want is love... how do we get this love? we have to become love by giving love.  There is no other way to have love and the wonderful thing about giving love is that you really do get way more in return.  Soon you are so filled with love that instead of looking for ways to give love, you will just be opened to each new experience.

I see that a lot of people have settled for less than love... less than butterflies.  I have done this in the past myself, thinking I didn't deserve the butterflies... but I deserve the love with butterflies, I deserve the whole thing.  I deserve nothing less.

I am here to be an example of Love!

I was reading The Daily Love by Mastin Kipp today and he always writes three positive affirmations after he writes... this one above resonated with me... I want to be an example of love.  This means becoming who I am meant to be, not living small... it means believing in myself.

Truthfully it means not settling for less than butterflies... we all deserve the best, we all have that ability, we just have to decide we are worth it... I have decided I am worth it... Will you make the same decision?

I cherish my past, I accept my present and I dream for my future


  1. Hello Launna:
    We really do believe that if, at the end, we are to be judged, then it will be on love, and love alone.

  2. Thank you Lenetta, I check out and followed your blog... thank you for the comment:)

  3. I agree Jane and Lance... if we are to be judged it will be on love only;)

    Thank you for your comment:)

  4. What a beautiful and uplifting post :)

    I am now following you as well!!

  5. Yes, we DO all deserve butterflies. :-) This post made me smile. Thanks!

  6. Thank you so much Optimistic Existentialist, that really means a lot to me... I have read your post and they are incredibly uplifting:)

  7. Thank you Daisy... I am so happy I could make you smile... you are right... we DO deserve butterflies:)

  8. It's hard to love someone when you can't seem to find love for yourself so I'm glad you're working on that!

  9. Thank you for commenting Jaimie, I am so glad you posted recently, I had such an awesome laugh;)


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