Inspiration Comes In Whispers

So I have been thinking about all the things I need to get done before I go in for my operation.  One of them was having a good 6-8 blogs prepared before I go into the hospital and I wondered what I could write about.  Well, two things happened, this afternoon I was reading a blog I really love, she is incredibly hilarious; she showcased one of her blogging friends... I thought how nice is that.

Then later in the evening I was reading another one of my favorite blogs, this lady says it like it is, she is honest and open and I adore reading her posts.  I suddenly put the two together in my mind and I have come up with the thought that I will pick a handful of my favorites and give each of them a day and tell you all why I love them... what keeps me following them.  I have so many favorites that I plan to have this as a twice a month item for my blog in the future.

I think we should all help each other, I know I want to help my friends get their blog out there because I know it is hard to get followers if people only stumble upon your blog.  I am truly excited to write these, I am sure I could sit down this Sunday and write them all up.  I am truly passionate about the blogs I follow and comment on.  If I comment on your blog, I love it... I want you to know I love what I read. 

I don't have a set type of blog that I read either, I have so many different ones... but each of them capture my attention in some way.  I get excited when they blog, I want to read their post, get a laugh, smile, cry... certain bloggers for each of these emotions.  Whatever the feeling I have from each of you, it is what I need at that moment. I hope each of you will feel how much I adore your blogs and the feelings they invoke in me... I also really hope you will take the opportunity to read them, I guarantee they will be worth the read.

I'm not going to list who I will write about since I plan to write about the majority of the people I follow in the future. 

I cherish my past, I accept my present and I dream for my future


  1. Wonderful idea!!! I look forward to having a peek at some of the blogs that are your fav's!!! Sending you healing energy for your operation. Many blessings to you!!!

  2. Hello Launna:
    This is such a very generous and original idea. It is always good to highlight blogs one enjoys and in this way to spread the message.

    But do not worry about being absent whilst in hospital. We will all be here waiting for you on your return.

  3. I am the same way. Lots of different blog types out there that I enjoy.. And I do get excited to read new posts, too!

    I wish you a quick recovery.

    Breakfast After 10

  4. Thank your for the healing energy Suzanne, I will take all good thoughts and energy :)

  5. Thank you Jane and Lance, I can't wait to highlight many of the bloggers I follow:)

  6. Thank you Optimistic Existentialist... I LOVE quotes!!

  7. LuLu, thank you for the wish... some people are into the same type of blog but I like variety:)

  8. First of all hugs for getting ready for the hospital. Secondly wishing you a safe and sound return home. Next kudos for doing service to your blogger for exposing blogger friends. It is kind of hard to get exposure when some one is new to blogging. I follow a lot of blogs, by bloggers from age thirteen to age seventy seven. They are all lovely and a couple of them make my day by making me laugh.

  9. Thank you Munir, yours is one that makes my day when you blog... I really want to write for those small bloggers who are amazing... ;)

  10. That's a neat idea! I follow lots of different kinds of blogs too. Thank you for becoming a follower on my blog. :)

  11. You're welcome Daisy, I had to clean out my blogging list of people who hadn't blogged in a year and also silly newsy blogs about celebrities that I could care less about. Then I found I could add some of my favorites like yours.;)


I love and appreciate all genuine comments, to save a little time, I won't be commenting on the comments on my blog (unless you don't have a blog), I will just visit your blog and comment there, if you have left a meaningful comment for me... I would much rather spend the time reading and commenting on a few extra blogs ❤