The Question Is Not Why Me

I have been hearing more and more people say why me?  Why do I have to deal with so many trials?  I have asked myself this in the past... but I think every trial we go through is something we have to go through to get to where we are supposed to be or to become the person we are meant to be.  Being a kind and good person does not mean that we will never have trials, in fact we may have more.  Although it seems unfair when we are being dealt so many blows in our life, one after the other.... I think those very trials will bring us to a joy we could never imagine.

Also, why hold on to those trials from the past?  I say celebrate the fact that you are not in the middle of that trial anymore.  I won't waste my time or energy on trials from the past, it only weakens us.  To the people who have hurt me in my past, I have this to say to them.  I forgive you, I don't want to hold anger towards anyone... that does not mean that I want any of those people in my life, it just means that I don't waste my time disliking them.

For everything that Ruth did to me as a child, for all the demeaning words, the beatings for nothing... once she spanked my sister for breaking as elastic band... yes I know insane... It was difficult to live through as a child, since we lived in fear of saying or doing the wrong thing... Even with all this, I am free from her, she has no power over me... so why would I hold on to bad feelings for her?  That would only hold me back...

The same thing goes for Andrey, living with him was like living in fear all the time!  I am free from him though... he does not control me and he certainly does not control my happiness.  I have no animosity towards any of those people, I wish no harm... they will have to deal with what they did but this won't come from me through thoughts or words.

So I say forgive those people that have hurt you in the past, especially if they no longer have any power in your life... Don't waste time thinking about them, wondering when they will feel the pain they doled out to you, just let go and move on... you are so much better off than they are no matter their outcome.

I cherish my past, I accept my present and I dream for my future


  1. Hi again, Launna.
    I read an article yesterday that was, in part, inspiration for my post today. There's More to Life Than Being Happy

    You are exactly right about forgiveness - it frees up so much space to forgive. The trouble I have is that it is much easier said than done. And so I press on.

    Breakfast After 10

  2. It is much easier said than done but the truth is that it is amazing and freeing, so much better than you could ever hope for:)

    Thank you for your comment LuLu :)

  3. yes totally u r right.pass is pass...we should forgive them so that our life more better and peaceful than yesterday ^__^ nice post..cheerss :D

  4. Hello Launna:
    Living as we do with the constant threat of the return of leukaemia, currently in excellent remission, we now say, 'Why not me?'.

  5. Thank you for your comment Wawa... forgiving people will make our own lives peaceful :)

  6. WOW Jane and Lance... how scary it must be to live with that threat but you are right... whatever trial we are supposed to have, we have... Why not me?

    Thank you for your comment, always thoughtful...

  7. I agree, It´s better to forget that living hating. Good article!

  8. Thank you for your comment Armando.... I competely agree it is better to forgive :-)


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