I Am Woman, I Am Strong

Today's post was totally inspired by a couple of people who commented on my blog today.  I wrote about how we shouldn't allow betrayal of one person to destroy all of our trust.  The comments reminded me of where I have been and how far I have come.  It also reminded me of an older post where I felt strong, called 'I am woman hear me roar'.

Joy said this:

This is a beautiful post. So honest and open. Thank you for sharing it. I am sure there are women out there in the same situation right now you were in before. May this post give them strength to see and to act. I am so glad to know you. You are such a strong and vibrant woman! 

  Joy doesn't say something like this unless she means it and I thought about what she said, I really have gone through a great deal and I always come out standing stronger.  This past year has been extremely hard but Joy's comment made me think... wow, if I got through this last year... I have amazing things to look forward to, I am strong!  Thank you for that reminder Joy. 

Menopausal mama said this:

As they say, it's hard to get back up on the horse after you've been thrown but you have to do it right away or else you'll never trust them enough to ride again. 

 This reminded me how very true this is... if we are too afraid to get back on the horse, we will never learn to ride it... so I need to put myself out there again or I will never love again, thank you menopausal mama:)

I feel rejuvenated from these comments, mainly because both of these ladies say it the way they see it, they are both real, so I can believe what they say.  Both thoughts made me stop and ponder what they said and I gained a little perspective from both of them.  

I lost that zip I had back in 2011, I felt more positive, happy and in control.... I was all about giving and sharing myself that year, I knew exactly what I was supposed to be doing,  It felt good to be on the path I knew I was supposed to be on.  The question is who gave up the control?  ME...  I need to change my thoughts or nothing will ever change and I need to decide which road I am to travel.  I want that power back when I wrote the post, 'I am woman hear me roar! I also what that sharing attitude I had in 2011 where I followed whatever path I was inspired to follow.   I am going in the right direction now.

"Everything you want, also wants you" ~ Jack Canfield 


  1. There you go, woman!!! :)) You are s strng, stronger that you even can imagine. ne good way to notice that..is to read some old writings. Then you see, where have you survived. You, with your own power. Guite a lot, is it? :)

  2. Thank you Maarit, it's always good to be reminded that we are stronger than we thought... sometimes the test feels like hell but we get through it:)

  3. Good for you! Its tough to see our strength at times when we're in the thick of the situation but on the other side we can look back and realize that it took a lot of courage to come through it.

    Thanks for checking in with me over at my blog. It has really been a tough couple months for me, I'm usually so healthy that this has me really spinning (literally & figuratively I guess!). I needed to read about strength today. Thanks :-)

  4. Awe thanks Jenn, I am glad I was able to write about what you need :)

    I am putting out positive vibes for you, you really have been through quite a bit the past few months :(

  5. Past life make us more stronger..please keep it up and always to be a stronger women ^_^smileeeeeee ^__^

  6. Thank you Wawa, I am trying to stay strong... :)


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