Your Own Self Rejection Is Turning People Away

I heard this phrase the other day 'Your own self rejection is turning people away'.... I was incredibly  struck by it, every time I think the least bit negative of some body part or quirky quality I have, I am turning people away.  WOW, I have seriously done this all my life.  I know that I have become more positive about what I deserve but I constantly have self doubt about my looks, not that I think I am ugly... I'm not... I am just a heavy girl.  This phrase made me realize that since I was rejecting my own body daily that I was turning people away from loving me.

So I have been thinking that I really need to do is love those things I have disliked about myself. I know when I focus on the great things about myself, they seem to stand out.  I have fabulous hair, really amazing... I have been very blessed, my hair is long, thick and soft... it only becomes more beautiful since I like it so much.

This reminded me that I have changed things about myself that I didn't like before such as I was SO shy.  I could barely talk to anyone unless you were family or a good friend.  When I was 25 years old, I decided enough was enough... I just started conversations with anyone.... it was hard and scary but I started telling myself that I was good at this, I was comfortable with this and one day I realized I was good at it.

I stopped disliking that shy quality I had, it had held me back for many years.  Job hunting was difficult when I had very little self confidence that I could handle speaking in the interview.  Now I ace interviews, love interviews.... I am really comfortable in them.  If I have a strong desire to get a certain job, all I need is the chance to have an interview and then the job is mine.

I never would have gained that great quality if I hadn't decided to love myself and open myself up for new experiences. I'm doing that again now... I have a date set for my operation, it is going to be January 31st, I'm finally getting the opportunity to have my leg healed after 11 years.  I am going to take the time to heal and relax.

I am grateful that I am having this chance, I am lucky that I am where I am at this moment because I have people that are going to be there for me, dropping by, checking in on me.  I am sure I won't be lonely for company.  I will get to read and catch up on my writing.

That little phrase 'Your own self rejection is turning people away' has really made me think about how I am projecting myself out in the world.

I cherish my past, I accept my present and I dream for my future


  1. Thank you for your comment Maarit... :) This phrase rang true to me:)

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    Nice atmosphere guests with you here on the blog. ;]
    Yours. Have a nice day. !

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    I'm very concerned about this, please. :)

  3. Thank you Patrycja for your comment

    Feel free to follow me on facebook too...

  4. I don't think I've ever heard it phrased quite like that, but it really makes a lot of sense. I can apply that to my life as well. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. This is what I need. :-) Thanks for sharing the quote as well as your thoughts. Happy weekend, Launna.

  6. Beautifully written Launna! How often do we constantly critique what we see as "wrong"instead of seeing what is right. Excellently written.

  7. Well it's true that getting over a relationships is extremly hard, I'm doing this to so I 100% understand you. But you should do smth for yourself. After a surgery you should finally do your hair like you always wanted. And HELOW don't forget about Valentina she will be forever with you so that's amazing! Focus on your & V happinness and by the time you will learn that its getting easier to get over David.
    And with this eating better OMG I'm suck in it, seriously my grandma just bake a donuts. They are so delicious and I promised myself to stop eating sweets -,- haha, anyway love and be strong <3

  8. I know what you mean Daisy, I have heard it different ways but when I heard that phrase it really stuck me how true it was... thank you for your comment:)

  9. Thank you Rhodora, I am grateful that I felt inspired to share this... have an awesome weekend:)

  10. Thank you Joy, I want to love my flaws as much as I love what I deem as beautiful:)

  11. Marta, I adore you... you are so real and funny... I am working on getting over my David, that has been a long hard road, one I am sure I will have to travel for a while. Since I never loved anyone so much in my whole life...


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