Achieving One Goal At A Time

I'm getting a new phone not the one my oldest daughter wanted me to get, it was way too spendy. Maybe next upgrade around, I'm hoping that it will be as easy to type on as a Blackberry since I type most of my blogs on the way to work.

This upgrade will finally give me the time to revamp my song list, I need some happier songs to listen to on the bus.  Plus I'm hoping it will give me the option to read blogs easier, it is difficult to do this on a BlackBerry and even harder to comment.

I've kind of been lost in thought for the past two days, I think I was holding my breath to get through the holidays without falling apart. I just wanted to make it a happy time for Valentina;  she has those good memories. 

I think New Year's was the hardest for me because a year ago I was openly in love with David and we rang the new year in with an amazing kiss...  Last night we talked midnight my time, he made me laugh as usual, he's so funny.  Sometimes I think it would be easier for both of us if we stopped being friends...but last night after we talked, I knew I would miss him too much if he wasn't a part of my life.

Change comes whether I like it or not,  I want to learn to roll with it more and not push against it.  It's usually a good thing in the long run, I need better long-term vision.

My leg is healing which is giving me hope that I'll be able to start exercising soon and this has me very excited.  I know walking is about all I can do at the moment but it's a start. My body has been through a great deal the past couple of months, I want to start taking better care of myself.

I'm feeling hopeful about a great deal of things, which is a good thing...  I had lost that for a while, it makes it very hard to be happy without it.  Each day leads me closer to each goal I've made for myself; achieving these goals will help me to strive for bigger goals in the future.  This year will be about achieving one goal at a time.

"Everything you want, also wants you" ~ Jack Canfield


  1. Happier songs to listen to sounds like a very good idea. It surprises me sometimes how much my mood can be lifted by a cheerful song.

  2. I totally agree Daisy (Connie), music can change my mood just like that. Lately any sad song has me in tears in a moment. Thank you for your comment ;)

  3. If any one needs to feel better, they are in my prayers every night.

    One goal at a time is easier than a pocketful. It is a different story if you can handle more than one at a time.

    I was raised to believe that we can reach for the stars. Now that I have stepped into my sixties I am happy that my kids are level headed and my hubby has survived a triple cardiac bypass.
    I can pass down the task of reaching for the stars to - - - - may be my kids or grand kids even:)

  4. I am with you Munir... let's leave reaching for the stars for our children... however; I never stop reaching for them myself:)

    Thank you for the comment:)

  5. I wish you a lovely new year, Launa, with great health and amazing new friends. Kisses for your daughters :).

  6. Thank you Petronela, I wish you a lovely New Year with amazing happiness too ;)


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