Inspired By Small Ideas

I made a goal to write everyday this year and I don't really think that is too difficult of a task. The truth is, the writing always comes easy to me...  it's the actual time it takes to post it that holds me up. If I could just write and someone else took the post, found the quotes, labeled the post for me and then have the link posted on some sites.  That would make life easier.

When I sit down to write, it spills out faster than I can write. I usually have to edit and re read my posts about five times before I actually post it, as when I'm typing I seem to miss a few words from not typing as fast as I'm thinking.

What inspires you to write?  The smallest thing can inspire a post from me, usually a quote touches my heart and I feel compelled or drawn to write.  Sometimes I'm simply talking with a friend and an idea comes; I normally just have to pull out my Blackberry and jot down a few key points so that when I have time, I'm able to write more concise thoughts.

There are times that I can sit down at the computer and ideas pop out and I can write for long periods of time. Rarely am I blocked when it comes to writing.  If I don't write, it's because I'm too sad and I don't want my blog to be depressing all the time.

This year though, I'm going to write no matter how I feel. It's me uncensored, no sugar coating, no pretending things are perfect as they are not.

I didn't really take up blogging until the beginning of 2012 and I didn't do it regularly until March.  I have learned a great deal over the last year which has helped my little blog grow.  I'm always in the learning mode, so still lots of tweaking to do yet.

The next step I want to take is a blog hop... I need a 'button' and I need to know how it works.  I've had people tell me, it's simple but I will need to have someone help me make the button and I'd love if someone could break down a blog hop and how to link up... So that I can understand it, lol. 

I'm looking forward to growing and learning and I'm going to share whatever touches me each day.  I've also decided that I will write when the mood hits, I will normally post once per day.  If I write more than once a day, I'm hoping to have some in reserve for when life is hectic busy.
 "Everything you want, also wants you" ~ Jack Canfield


  1. Inspiration can strike at odd times for me too. Usually once I get started writing something, I can keep going with the idea, but starting is sometimes a problem for me. Your writing always seems very purposeful, and it flows very well, which makes sense since it comes so easily to you. :)

  2. I think it's awesome that you find things to write about so easily. I love to write, but usually mull posts over for a few days before actually writing them down, and I can never predict when I'll get lots of ideas or very few.

  3. Awe thank you Daisy, that is so sweet of you to say... I just think I have so many emotions going on inside me that if I didn't write, I would burst... ;)

  4. Thank you Amber Mae... I don't really think when I am writing, the ideas just flow... I have had small blocks but it was more that I didn't want to post sad things... now I am just posting whatever I feel.

    Thank you for your comment:)

  5. I also don't know how to blog hop. I tried once, but it didn't succeed. Would love to read about your own blog hop in the future.

  6. Hi Rhodora, I'll let you know how it goes once I find out. Maybe you can join mine when I have one:)


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