I never learn!

You think that I would have learned by now, apparently not! I must enjoy getting hurt over and over, otherwise why would I continue to believe that things can get better? When has it actually got better and stayed that way for longer then a day? Every time I think I might actually have the opportunity to have what I have always wanted in my life, it blows up in my face. Note to self: stop allowing myself to believe that there is a possibility that I could actually be happy. It doesn't matter how many positive and uplifting thoughts I think and make myself believe, reality steps in and rears it's ugly head. I don't want to get my hopes up again, every time I do, the fall is harder and honestly I don't think I am emotionally capable of handling the falls anymore.

I guess sleep didn't help me out of this rut I am in, I had hoped it was as simple as that:( Unfortunately I need a miracle to help me out of this one.

I feel like I have lost my mind! Oh that's right, I would have had to have a mind to lose. I think I actually just figured out I never had one to begin with:(

I need to snap out of this, I need to move on, I just don't know how?

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  1. "You can't give up, can't get discouraged. No matter how bad it looks, you've just got to keep on believing. Keep on expecting. Keep on declaring. Keep on living favor minded, and God promises that divine favor will come to you."

    My friend had this as her status on FB today and I thought you could use it. I love you.


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