Ten things I like about myself and ten goals♥ღ♥ღ♥

10 things I like about myself

1) I am kind
2) I am tenacious
3) I like my hair
4) I am a great listener
5) I am friendly
6) I am respectful
7) I am reliable
8) I am trustworthy
9) I am loyal
10) I have great nails.

10 goals I have for myself

1) I want to marry the person I love
2) I want to learn how to drive
3) I want to travel to Europe
4) I want to progress in ADP and take all my CPA courses
5) I want to live healthy
6) I want to be in control of my life
7) I want to buy a car
8) I want to exercise
9) I want to learn another language at least conversational
10) I want to live in abundance

I challenge everyone to make a list of the ten things that they like about themselves and their ten goals. It can really help you get on track, I have been working on many of these bit by bit. It may take time but I will have each one of these goals~!~

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