Vices and getting control

Well, today I am going to be assessed for an exercise program, I am excited. I can finally start losing the weight and toning up, this might help my mood and self esteem. Having all this extra weight certainly does not help me have the positive attitude I desire, it is hard to stay centered with it. I feel like I am finally going to do something about it, I am going to put all my effort into this to succeed, another vice gone. I have finally been working on my vices one by one, as I get rid of one and maintain for a while, I start working on a new one. Each time I get rid of one, it feels so good.

Also, I want Valentina to grow up healthy and if I am living properly, she will have a good role model to follow. If I am exercising more, this will help her to want to exercise more and eat better as that will be the type of food I have for both of us to eat. I don't know why I have held on to the weight for as long as I have, it must have served some sort of purpose or I would have lost it and maintained the loss.

I know this change I am making is not going to be easy and it is one that will be a lifetime of work but I know that it will be worth it. I have been talking about how to fit exercise into my life and I am finally going to stop talking about it and start doing it.

Bad relationships is one of my vices that I need to get rid of, it doesn't help me to have people attracted to me that I am not the least bit attracted to. I think with the weight loss and toning up, I will be able to attract the type of man I am looking for, this might take me six months to a year but it is a goal I am looking forward to attaining. It will be worth it to attract quality people in my life.

Well, I am going to try to get a little sleep, the humidity has been insane lately. I don't mind heat but this has gone beyond what most people can handle. It would be fine if I had a car to go to the beach or lake but when you are at the mercy of buses it is not so easy. I have been trying not to complain since I despise the winter months that seem to last forever, however; this weather has been TOO much.

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