My birthday wish

The older I get, the less that I want things for my birthday, the more that I want relationships to be happy and fulfilling. The truth is that you cannot take things with you when you die but the love you feel for someone is always in your heart.

So, for my birthday wish this year, I want someone special to realize how wonderful they are and I want them to know how special I am too.  We would be amazing together if we just took the chance.  I believe enough for the two of us;)

Oh and honestly, I could care less what other people think of who I care for, it is not their life and they don't make decisions for me.  I make my own decisions. Too bad I wasted so much of my life caring what other people think but atleast I finally got it and didn't waste my whole life being that way:)

I have learned to love myself which I know will help other people to love me too, for no one can love you enough if you don't love yourself first. You attract what you give out, that is why I know that I can attract what I want in my life and now the sky in the limit.  I only want the best now, nothing second rate, just the person that I love:)

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