Today I have had a song stuck in my head, it's a beautiful song but it brings up so much emotion.  The song is You and Me by Lifehouse. I had to find the words, I blasted it five times in a row, still in my head though. I wonder where I was when this song came out, I know I've heard it before but I never got into it until yesterday.

Also, at work today, I was doing all that I could to think of anything but what I wanted.  Yet, what I wanted was shoved in my face over and over.... I was there, trying to do my job, then the client sais, the employees name is **** and then she spells it out twice like I don't know how to spell. I started to cry because it is so frustrating when I am trying so hard to concentrate and there it is in my face, over and over. How can anyone have that effect on me? 

I need to get myself together, I cannot just break down because a name is mentioned. The problem is that it is said so often that I can't believe it.  Sometimes I wonder if there is any other name on the planet. I have heard the name for a restaurant, first name, last name and even the name is in a company name.  Although I love my name, I am sure it is not brought up in conversation, so I wonder if I am thought about? 

Well, it was a rough night last night, with all the heat and my insomnia. I need to get some control and I need a fan. Let's see if I can get more then 3 hours of sleep tonight.

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