Needs Versus Wants

When I think about what I want and honestly that list is not very long, I still know that what I want and what I need never seem to be in alignment.  I think that since I ask for so little that I should have it but the reality is that if I don't expect much, I won't get much.

So, I have decided to shoot for the stars, I want the the whole thing, not part of it... nothing less will do. The universe wants me to have everything I want, I just have to put as much energy as I can into drawing it to me.   The funny thing is that I don't know why I have a hard time believing in the Secret when I have seen it work in my life continuously.  I wanted the job I have, I believed and it happened, I wanted this apartment and I believed and I got it.  Why do I not believe for everything?

I really think that when it comes to wanting what I want more than anything else, I am afraid.... afraid that I will never have it.  Fear keeps me from having what I want, I need to stay positive and than it will happen, it cannot be denied.

So, starting today.... any negative thoughts I have, I am going to change it to a positive thought and keep believing that what I want and need are the exact same thing. Also, I deserve to have what I want and need!  It is just difficult when some things are contingent on other people, it is hard to make others believe what I know;)

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