Thinking about how I'd feel tomorrow

I have been thinking about things I have done to try to make myself feel better sometimes and it never does.  An example is drinking, sure I feel great getting tipsy but you pay the price the next day with a hangover, I have come to learn that it just isn't worth it.  Now if I could move that thought into other areas of my life.

I feel like I want to be more authentic, even though it is difficult to always live that way.  Sometimes I think if people really knew me, the inside of me that I don't share with everyone, I wonder if they would still like me.  Lately I don't care as much what people think, I just have to be me regardless as long as I am not hurting anyone.

I ate really well today, keeping up the healthy food;)  I also actually cooked last night, I made some great spaghetti sauce.  I think I will make some chicken soup tomorrow, I just love homemade chicken noodle soup and it's so good for you too.  I think I will go put it in the slow cooker. Plus it's getting cold outside and it's so nice to have hot soup to eat after a long day at work.

Well off to bed, I have had a very long full day and another one tomorrow, leaving at 7 am in the morning and I won't be home until 7 pm.  I definitely need to get some sleep to get through my busy day tomorrow.

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