What I Know For Sure

What I know for sure is that when I desire something to happen in my life, I am able to make it happen. This is why I know that even when things are not where I want or need them to be, I hold on because it happens eventually. I had one dream that I wanted and desired for so long and I thought I was not going to have it but honestly I gave up on it as I realized that dream was not worth it, he didn't deserve me, I was too good for him.

Now, I only want people that are kind, sweet and deserving of me. I deserve that especially after having some of the awful situations I have had only because I somehow didn't believe I deserved more. As well, I want the people that I care about to really know how wonderful and how special they are, they mean a great deal to me, my life is better for having known them!

Maybe if I had never gone through what I had, I never would have given someone a chance, someone who is very special to me, who has been so kind and sweet.  So, although I went through some terrible situations in my life, I feel like they might have been there to get me where I am today. Those challenges might have been worth it after all ;)

I have to say I love where I am at in my life, grateful that I know myself better then I ever have and thankful that I don't care what other people think of me like I did when I was younger. It's amazing how your life can change on a dime when you open your mind to new possiblites.  I am hoping you will open your mind to new possiblities too... you never know where it might take you, you are special and I never want you to forget it.  No matter where you are in your life, even if I am not there in the future with you, I always want you to remember that someone thought and always will think that you are very special. You deserve the best and I hope you let me show you that.

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