4 Shows I watch

The Amazing Race
Charmed (Reruns)
Days Of Our Lives (I know, a guilty pleasure of mine)

4 Things I am passionate about

My Children
My Friends

4 Phrases I say alot

Oh My Gosh!
Get over it
Are you kidding me?
That is insane

4 Things I have learned from the Past

That I will never stop learning or loving
That spoiling children with material items is not the way to go
That being honest is always better than lying
That being afraid never gets you anywhere

4 Places I'd like to go to


4 Things I did yesterday

Went to my work Christmas party
Spent time with Valentina

4 Things I am looking forward to

Raising Valentina to be a woman
Having a grandchild from Andrea and Paul
Travelling in Europe
Learning how to drive

4 Things that I love about Winter

Light fluffy snowflakes
Fall my favorite season preceeds winter
Crisp clear evenings
Building snowmen and making snow angels

4 Things on my wish list

Spending time with someone I love
Becoming a better mother
Learning to love myself for who I am
Making time for the things that are important

I think my next blog will be about the goals I have set for myself, short term and long term.  Whenever I set goals, I seem to attain them. Note to self, I need to set more goals and make them bigger than what I believe I am capable of attaining as we never dream big enough for ourselves and this only limits us.

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