Needing Someone

I know that people think I have lost my mind or gone over the edge completely but somehow... I don't think so.   I just know when something feels right and I go after it, no matter the cost.  Part of that is being tenacious, which can be a great thing... sometimes it hurts when other people don't see the vision I can see and something doesn't work out the way that I know it is supposed to.

I have known for a while that my life is meant to take a big curve, for me to grow. Every time I progress is because I have had to deal with life changing alterations.  This particular change is something I am truly looking forward to and I have thought long and hard about how great it could be even if it is extremely scary. 

Sometimes I really wish that other people could see my vision and than it would go so much more smoothly, I guess it wouldn't be worth it then... oh... but so much easier. It's so hard to stay strong when everyone around is negative, I just keep the vision in my head and press on. It definitely isn't simple but I know that getting to the goal is so worth it.

Now I just have to find a way to stop being afraid, my bravado is definitely bigger than what I feel inside. Believe me I am jelly inside most of the time but I just keep moving forward, I cannot progress without putting one foot in front of the other.

I really think the scariest thing in life is admitting when you like or care for someone, not because you don't want that person to know they are needed and cared for, because you do want them to know.  It always feels good when you know that someone cares about you but is very scary to open yourself up and your heart when you don't know how someone else feels.

Right now, I just know that there are times in our lives that we need someone, it might only be for a short time but I always want to be in tune when the need arises. I know that if I don't do what I know that I should,  that I will regret it and I am tired of regrets... I love living my life in the moment. So, no matter what people think of my decisions, I stand behind them because I know that sometimes people need someone to help them and sometimes we are those people that are supposed to be there. I couldn't sleep or live with myself if I didn't try and didn't give the best of myself.

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