Can I Believe Enough Because I Know It's Right?

Part of me sits here wondering if I can believe enough just because I know it is right?  Every fibre of my being keeps telling me to hold on and the reward will be so worth it.  A small part of me is scared that I am wasting my time and only going to be hurt more than I ever thought imaginable. When I am afraid, those doubts creep in and when I am confident nothing gets through. 

I want to live with confidence and strength, for if I live with this, other people will see it too and they will know what I know. Why are we so afraid to live the life we were meant to live and to love the person we were meant to love. I don't want to be one of those people anymore, I want to stand tall and show everyone that I don't give up on what I really know.

Maybe it isn't me that isn't strong enough, maybe it is the other person who cannot believe that they deserve to be loved.  We all deserve to be loved, we all deserve to be happy and for that reason, I cannot walk away even if I am feeing pushed away. I won't make your fears my reality, I will stand strong and be there no matter how hard you push.  Maybe then you will know how much you deserve to be loved and how special you really are.

What happened to make you fear love so much, I thought I had it all happen to me and yet I am not so afraid to love that I don't keep trying. If the past is our indicator to what the future holds, I should have crawled up under a rock and given up a long time ago.  But I realized that our past is not who we are, we have the chance everyday to make things different and better.

So, I stand her patiently waiting, wishing you could see the potential in yourself that I know that is there. Maybe I am setting myself up for a fall but I can't walk away when I know what I know. I am the eternal optimist and I work hard to be the best me that there is, a woman who is passionate about what and who she believes in. A woman that is tenacious and strong willed and someone who loves unconditionally. I won't be the one to walk away, if you cannot handle being cared for more than you ever thought possible, you will have to be the one to walk away.

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