Thoughts About My Children

Words and phrases when I think of Andrea

Strong willed, strong testimony, basketball, good ears in the morning, neon colors, pony's and french braids, beautiful smile, stubborn, colored jeans, Jem, BET, rap, 80's music, curling irons, make-up, Sobey's, Superstore bakery, Internet, blogging, MSN, Paul, pictures, Super Nintendo, Math, Hurricane Juan and White Juan, bumble bee costume, Natasha, Melissa and Niki, theme birthday cakes, loving, fruit roll ups, cereal, turtle, mook

Words and phrases when I think of Valentina

Sweet, scooter, loving, baths, pool, bike, long hair, smiles, Do you still love me? I always love you., Zack and Cody, Calliou, tigers, jaguars, books, coloring, lip gloss, stuffed animals, DVR, yogurt drinks, gum, kind, thoughtful, skirts and dresses, snow, short curly hair, kitty cats, mixed colored socks, I want millllk

I am going to add to this too, I just want both my daughters to know that I think of them often and I have fantastic memories of them both.

Both for different reasons though, my oldest for actually growing up with me, she's my stubborn, head strong, always right daughter. I wouldn't have her any other way though, I've seen how much she can succeed because she is like that. She is living every little girls dream and I am so proud of her for that because she didn't settle. Sometimes we are just too close and we disagree too often, since we do it seems to put a rift in our relationship at times. I don't even know if she understands how sad it can make me when we have those misunderstandings or whatever she wants to call them.  I want to be close to her because she turned out to be a pretty amazing young woman. I love her no matter what, she is my first born and she survived growing up with a teenage mom and she actually thrived and did not become a statistic herself.  Being head strong has brought her very far.

My youngest I adore for her sweet nature, I needed that since I was 39 when I had her, I needed a calm girl by that time, lol... too old to deal with temper tantrums. Don't get me wrong, she can be a little head strong too but hers only last seconds.  I feel so blessed to have my youngest daughter with me, she keeps me grounded, not that I don't fly a little here and there but she always brings me down to earth again and I adore that about her. She can be a little insecure at times but it is totally understandable with everything she has gone through in her nearly 8 years of life.

I have two of the most amazing daughters, I consider myself very blessed and lucky <3


  1. I loved reading about your daughters and what comes to mind when you think of them. It's the little things that seem to go unnoticed or are often forgotton. I know how much you love them both. You are a beautiful person Lulu.. don't ever forget it.



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