A Day Of Catching Up

I have had a hectic couple of days, the first thing is that I have a slight infection in my graft site, I am taking antibiotics... every six hours for ten days.  I am sure it will be cleared up by the time I am back to work.  I feel fine, I am even walking without my lovely (NOT) purple cane.  I am still building up muscle from being so stationary for so long.  I have been getting out a little each day and gaining a little strength slowly.

I finally purchased a new computer after twelve long years, I am very happy about this as my old one was sooo sluggish and slow that it would take me about an hour to get a blog post out after I wrote it.  I can see it will be much easier as it does not freeze up like my old one.  However; I have to say I am so very technically challenged and as much as I love technology, I also become incredibly frustrated easily. 

I had it set up yesterday and it took until late in the evening for me to figure out how to operate Window 8... lol.   Most of it is set up, I just need the scanner/printer and the sound hooked up.  I am letting Valentina use the old one, once we can get that one back up on line, I will need to move everything from that computer to this one... oh joy oh bliss.  All I can say is thank goodness for Cindy and any of my other techy friends.

I spent the majority of the evening tonight catching up on the blogs that I follow, I love reading other peoples stories about their lives.  What I love most about blogging is the connection with people all over the world.  I think it is amazing how I can converse with people in Finland, Poland, Australia, England, Romania, Brazil... I know I am leaving out countries, I apologize  and of course I cannot leave out North America.

When I think of growing up in the early seventies, I realize how small my world was... technology changed very little back then.  It sped up a lot in the nineties and for me it became a challenge to keep up.  I have to thank my oldest daughter Andrea, she led me into the new century of technology, with her love of every new gadget, as well she was so proficient in their uses. 

Although I adore all the new items to keep us more connected, I sometimes wonder if it doesn't disconnect us with the over load.

I cherish my past, I accept my present and I dream for my future


  1. Oh that's a great idea! We definetly have to meet one day I'm lookin for to do that <3
    Btw I love the post 'About Me' <3 So much new things <3 Kiss Valentina from me ;*! Aww u remembered im from Poland, that's excited!

  2. Awe... I would love to meet you Marta.... of course I remembered you were from Poland:-).

  3. I hope the infection heals up quickly! Congrats on the new computer. I still haven't figured out Windows 8 yet LOL

  4. i've had my computer since i graduated high school and would love a new one! congrats on yours!!!!

  5. Thank you Keith... I am being a good girl and taking my pills and I hope we both figure out Windows 8 soon... lol

  6. Thank you Stephanie....it had been 12 years since I had a new one. I hope you get a new one soon :-)

  7. I get overwhelmed and frustrated with technology always changing too. I'm glad I have my sons to help me struggle through learning it. ha! I'm glad to hear you are healing and doing better.

  8. Thank you Daisy... our children taught us... I'm grateful Andrea was patient enough with me... lol


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