The Unique Miracle Of Us

I REALLY love that quote above, especially the last line about 'Every person is an unrepeatable miracle'.  We are all unique... I always talk about about how quirky I am but the truth is we all are a little quirky and that is okay.  I remember spending so much time trying to fit in when I was in junior high, I didn't always measure up and so I was made fun of regularly.  Today I look back and think how grateful that I am an individual, being truly unique is a gift of it's own.  We all have that capability to be unique, we don't all take it... all for fear we won't fit in.   I say stand out, be your quirky self and enjoy the miracle of us.

We shouldn't be doubtful of the miracles that can happen, I think we all took a look at our lives that we could write a list of them.  Some of my miracles are that I survived a fire that burned my body by about 60% at the age of fifteen months, it was in 1964 and I even made the newspapers across Canada stating it was a miracle I survived... no doctors thought it would happen.  Having my two daughters are amazing miracles in my life, as challenging as it can be... it can never out weigh the massive blessings that come from being their mommy or mama.

I know that I have been doubtful but the last couple of days, I have been taking ten to fifteen minutes a day where I turn off all the sound, close my eyes and start listing what I love, I am specific about each thing, I am grateful for each thing.  I started doing this because I was reading a book that posed a question about how much do you really love?  We give up too soon because we doubt whether we deserve it but we do, we just have to say the feelings out loud and with gratitude.

Those ten to fifteen minutes a day have been really wonderful for me, I am finding that I am doubting less... The truth is that what you give out is returned... I plan to give out as much love and gratitude that I can and I will take the time to feel both emotions with my heart as I send it out. I feel blessed knowing that each of us are a unique miracle....
I cherish my past, I accept my present and I dream for my future


  1. This is a great post, Launna. We are each of us a miracle, that is so true. I can remember times in school when I was made fun of too. As painful as it was then, I'm glad I am who I am today.

  2. Thank you Daisy.... children can be so cruel... it was painful but I wouldn't change a thing... ;-)

  3. I do do believe in miracles, honestly. They happened to me a lot of times:).

  4. That 10-15 monuites a day can make a WORLD of difference!! Also, I love that quote as well: 'Every person is an unrepeatable miracle' - I am going to add this to my quote collection!

  5. Thank you Petronela, Miracles really do happen... we are all miracles:)

  6. Thank you Keith... it is making a world of difference to me each day.

    This is an awesome quote, I was really touched by it :)


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