Joy From Challenges

 In one week I will be back to work, I am kind of excited... I know that will wear off with the first crazy busy day.  However; I miss the interaction with people, talking to my teammates every day and dealing with clients.  This really is a good job for me, I love to talk and I can usually make my clients laugh and feel good after they have spoken with me. 

I have been thinking about how long it has been since I have felt complete joy, I have joyful moments, what I mean is a prolonged joy where everything seems to come together.  I don't suppose that we could grow to our potential if all we ever experienced was joy.  It really is those trials that we endure, overcome, get through that end up bringing us the most joy.

I hold on to that thought as I deal with my trials, I will get through them... I always do.  Some just take a little longer, I think when I make it through a really difficult trial... I will be able to see why the trial was needed to push me out of my comfort zone, so that I don't settle for less than my best.  I deal with depression which can be difficult to handle, I decided a year ago that I didn't like the way pills made me feel.   Sure I rarely cried but I also rarely felt anything, I felt it was better to be able to cry and let out some emotion.  I don't think that this is a way for everyone to deal with depression, this is just how I handle mine.

Besides I am so jaded from taking any pills other than an occasional Advil or antibiotic.  I am going to start taking natural vitamins.  After my issue with my cholesterol medication, I am very leery of taking any pharmaceuticals... that was very scary for me when I could barely walk with the medication causing weakness to my muscles.  The last couple of days I have felt more myself when walking, other than I need to build up core strength.  I will be looking at natural ways to handle any of my health issues in the future...

I didn't sleep very much last night, maybe three hours.... Tonight I am going to change my sheets and than I am going to take a relaxing hot bubble bath...  that should help me drift off to dreamland.  It is all about doing things naturally for my body as much as possible, I cannot handle the side effects of most medication I have taken in the past.

Friday I am going to blog about another favorite blogger of mine, she has me in stitches with each post, I have to read her blog when I am alone or people around would think I was crazy laughing so loud... alright, I already hear my family and friends saying, can she laugh any louder than she does now... hahaha...   I hope you all take the opportunity to visit some of their blogs.

I cherish my past, I accept my present and I dream for my future   


  1. How great and challenging you are to fight your depression!! Anything joyful which is the result of challenging which ultimately molded with hard work is sweet!!

  2. I don't like to take any more prescriptions than necessary either. So many have scary side effects and you never know how your body will react. Good luck going back to work. I'm sure it will feel good to be able to be back there again.

  3. Thank you Sangay... I wish to be more joyful .... to do this I must spread joy ;-)

  4. Thank you Daisy and yes I will be happy to be back to work ;-)

  5. Attitude is half the battle - and your attitude is super my friend :)

  6. Thank you Keith... I work on my attitude daily ;-)

  7. Launna, I applaud you for making the decision to wean yourself from prescription meds and explore natural alternatives. I did that for myself about 3 years ago, abandoning medications for a specific health issue and going on an odyssey to find less harmful ways to manage things. I haven't regretted it a single day. Keep going, sweetheart! I wish you bright, good health and tons of energy as your body continues the waking up process. :)

    - Dawn

  8. Thank you Dawn, after my scare with meds in November 2012, I have been totally turned off.

    Thank you for your comment ;)


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