Committed To My Passion

Yesterday was a good day, especially for my leg, the pain is very manageable, the weakness is still there, just not to the degree that it was. So all in all a good day!

Valentina went up to the ward party and I met her up there, she had an awesome time, that girl is so lovable.  I truly am a lucky mama. I miss Andrea....

I had a bit of a long day, so I just relaxed and decided to write, I wanted to relay an experience I had. I read a blog called The Daily Love by Mastin Kipp that I read everyday. Anyway last week he wrote a post about how he writes even when he doesn't feel like it and how he had just made a commitment to write no matter what.

Anyway, I thought great post and I filed it away in my folder.  I somehow have it coming twice, so I ended up reading it again. I meant to delete the second one but forgot and started reading it for the third time. It finally clicked, I haven't been as committed to my writing, I should be networking more, learning how to make my blog more friendly and easy to read. I want to be more committed to my passion.

The happiness jar that I am starting right away has me feeling more creative, I will be feeling more positive when I am looking for good and uplifting things in my life to write down for memories.  This Christmas is a bit emotional but I want to make it special for Valentina...  she deserves to have an amazing holidays. 

I'm working on those decisions I need to make too... I do wish they were easier to make.  I guess life wouldn't be so rewarding if it was too easy, if it could just be a little bit easier...

"Everything you want, also wants you" ~ Jack Canfield


  1. I'm glad to hear your leg is doing some better. Good luck with reaching your goal of writing more. The first step in reaching a goal is deciding on one in the first place I think.

  2. You sound like you're making wonderful steps towards your passion!!! Beautiful!!! I also love the happiness jar idea. I feel like doing it too. Great idea!!!

  3. Yes Daisy, I agree with you, the first step in reaching a goal... is making one... Thank you for the comment;)

  4. Thank you Suzanne, I am working on getting into the happiness jar, this year has been much to sad and much too negative for my liking. It is time for me to turn it around, as always thank you so much for the comment:)


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