I do not wanna say "I lost it all" *Acuite*

I was reading blogs and this particular one touched me so much I wanted to share it with everyone... it's like each word was written with me in mind, with exactly how I feel...

This is the blog link to the post I am speaking of above Acuite.  I do not wanna say "I lost it all".

When the day begins, I seek for your love, 
when I fall asleep at night, I think only of you.
It's you who makes me smile all the time.
It is you who  is missing.

 Sonja Acuite

I found out she wrote this for someone special to her, I just wanted to link it as it is someone else's blog, one I follow regularly.  Sonja often posts things that make me think or feel, which is what I like about most of the blogs I follow:)

"Everything you want, also wants you" ~ Jack Canfield


I love and appreciate all genuine comments, to save a little time, I won't be commenting on the comments on my blog (unless you don't have a blog), I will just visit your blog and comment there, if you have left a meaningful comment for me... I would much rather spend the time reading and commenting on a few extra blogs ❤