Creativity Comes From Within

It was one of those brilliantly sunny days, Valentina spent most of the day on her scooter or walking the neighbors dog.  I spent a lot of the time on my back porch basking in the sun rays...  the really nice thing is that it wasn't as cold as it has been, still hoodie weather but at least it didn't have those cold breezes we have had lately. 

As I saw Valentina interacting with the different children and animals that live close by, it reminded me of my own childhood.  My two sisters, Shelly and Lisa spent many sunny days outdoors with nothing much more than our imaginations.  We usually had a ball or a skipping rope and we came up with game after game for hours on end.  It was our freedom from my ex step mother Ruth, we could be little kids without worrying if we said or did something to displease her. 

I think some of the best times we ever had was when we were allowed to go to the large playground together for the day. It amazes me how we were never bored, we always had something fun to do outdoors, no one had to entertain us.... I find a lot of children today that need constant ideas of things they can do, which is sad to me... As children, our imaginations took us for many hours of fun, wherever we envisioned.  I think as parents we need to buy our children less of the new gadgets, maybe they will come up with more interesting things to do, if they were encouraged to use some of the ideas they have.

I love when Valentina sits down with her craft box and just amuses herself with her many ideas, she creates pictures of ideas that she has seen or heard.  I adore that she thinks and uses her imagination... I do find that since she is basically being raised as an only child that it is a bit harder for her not to want to be entertained.  I had my sisters to bounce ideas off of or become creative with...

I think as parents we need to encourage our children to use the creativity they have, whether is is playing sports, crafts, reading, writing, singing... whatever it is, encourage them in their endeavors.  Otherwise I can see our children coming from the generation that looks to things to entertain them... instead of looking to themselves. 

 I cherish my past, I accept my present and I dream for my future


  1. I agree that we should try our best to encourage creativity in our children. I can't remember being bored as a child. There was always something I wanted to be doing. Some kids miss out on using their imaginations these days.

  2. Thank you Daisy... I remember always having something fun to do too...;-)

  3. Let me say agree for now since I am not parent lol!! ANd as a son I feel it is definitely true maim!!

  4. Thanks Sangay, it's true... our children need to use their imagination :-D

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