No One To Say Them To

The only thing that matters now is my mission.  Nothing will stand in the way anymore.

Lost without the words
Even if I had them to say
No one to say them to

At least no one that wouldn't judge
Since it is too easy to say
Say without thinking

Compassion is what is needed
Not I knew
Not you should have known

That is judging
That is not love
Or compassion

What did I learn?
Not to judge, just be there
Give only love

Instead, I am lost without the words
Even if I had them to say
No one to say them to...

I cherish my past, I accept my present and I dream for my future  


  1. Compassion and judging are definitely at odds with each other. Nice poem, Launna.

    1. Thank you Daisy... I have no one to share the words with... even if I could find the words... there would only be judgment... :-/

  2. I wish you had someone to share your words with!

    1. Thank you Betty... I wish I had someone to share them with too :'(

  3. Perfection! We must learn to give love to everyone! But also learn how to accept the love we are given!

    1. Thank you so much Niki, you totally understood;-)


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