Taking My Life Back One Day At A Time

The only thing that matters now is my mission.  Nothing will stand in the way anymore. 

I took a couple of days off so that I could take Valentina to her first day of school, at first I thought that they went back on September 3rd but found out it was September 4th... good thing I took both days off.  That gave me a five day weekend with the holiday.  I also felt it would be a great time for me to workout a lot while I was off, yesterday I walked twice for a total of 5.12 miles and I was able to walk a 5K in 47.2 minutes... I am really getting my speed up and I know if I can start running a little more than a few sprints here and there that I will be able to really get that time down for my October 6th 5K walk/run.  Believe it or not, I am really looking forward to it, so funny as three months ago I could barely walk for 15-20 minutes without feeling like I was going to pass out...

So, today I am spending the day in the house doing housework and then going to see my doctor, she has not seen me for almost six weeks, I am sure I will shock her with all my weight loss.  I was hoping to walk back and forth to the doctors as that is about an hour both ways, however; the weather decided not to cooperate with me.  There is too much rain, I wouldn't mind a little spritzing here and there but not downpours.  So no walking today which makes me kind of sad, yes I love walking now... I love working out period.  It will be Fall very soon and I realize that I will no longer be able to walk outside as much as I like, I do have a gym at work but that would mean getting there really early to use it and then having to have a shower before I started work, I don't think I would be able to work out as much as I want to that way.  So Canada Games Center here I come, I will be joining up by the end of this month.
My David has to go in for surgery again, he finds out more on Friday... can I say, enough is enough...  this will be three surgeries in less than a year, I can't handle being so far from him when he is going through this... I know he has people there that can help him but I want to be there, looking after him so that he doesn't re injure himself again. When I was off with my surgery I had the VON come in daily and look after my skin-graft... as well I had many church people bring me meals so that I didn't have to cook for a couple of weeks, all I had to do was rest... Apparently with stomach surgery they don't think you need help, I would think that was when you needed it the most, the core part of your body is healing and you shouldn't be doing anything to cause injury to it again.

All I can do from here is pray and send out positive vibes for him... I know that is something... but I would really prefer being there, that way I would know he was getting the proper amount of rest.  Anyhow, prayers it is, many will be on the way... I have already started and I will continue.  I won't be able to rest until I know he is out of the surgery and on the mend.  In the meantime I will be exercising like crazy... I have another contest to win with my sister.  She and I were talking and she is finding it hard to get her exercise in with her job... I am sure she will figure a way out as this girl loves to exercise more than I do, she has been doing this for over 20 years, I have just started.  I still don't think she has much hope of winning, I am much more competitive than most people, once I get something in my head I just go on auto pilot.
I know many people who say to me, I want your drive, determination, motivation... we all have it, we just have to tap into it... For me it all started with something my David said to me, I don't even think he realized that he started all this... one day I will tell him, probably when I go to visit him this spring.  I remember thinking, I really, really want to change my life, I really need to change my life.  Then not even a week later the email came out at work about the Biggest Loser Challenge and I knew that was my answer... for many years we have had this challenge and I have told people that I didn't get involved because I knew how competitive I was, I am sure people thought uh huh... well, I proved that I was telling the truth... I knew what I was capable of... Now that I have proven that, I cannot go back to my old lifestyle... I can only move forwards.  This was never about a contest, this was about getting my life back and proving to myself that I am and was better than what I had allowed myself to become...

When people tell me that they want to change their life but then post some high calorie food on their Facebook, or proceed to give me reasons why it is impossible for them to workout as much as they would like... I realize they are not ready to take their lives back.  I am not judging anyone, I was right there, I used to talk about getting it together, changing my life.  One day I just did it, I got up and started walking and I didn't stop... I am hoping to see these people do the same thing... I don't have a magic answer, I just know for me that I fell in love with exercise and I could not imagine not doing it... I am really hoping that I find even more fun things to do at the Canada Games Center... I don't ever want to go back to that lifestyle again, I want to stay healthy and continue on this path. I love that I took my life back, I am doing it one day at a time.
I cherish my past, I accept my present and I dream for my future ♥ 


  1. Sometimes you just have to do it, like you said, and take control. You're one of the few who has done that :)

    1. Thank you Keith and I continue to take control... I am not giving up or giving in... :)

  2. Its beautiful how you've decided to take it on you, completely from now.
    There's a lot of happiness on the way.
    I wish a lot more.
    Take Care. :)

    1. Thank you Purple... I am the one in control and I make the decisions... no one else :)


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